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Slovakia Jaros

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It may appear that I have returned.
Had a thought that I should try.

For those who are not familiar, a simple introduction:
> main medic with a vaccinator syndrome
> 7 seasons of etf2l and 9 seasons of ugc experience (up to mid/gold/high)
> about 1200 hours on class
> quite friendly with occasional rage tendency (but dedicated)

Availability may vary, though. For now certainly some weekends, mondays, wednesdays, thursdays (fridays perhaps) can be arranged if told beforehand, but schedule may be a little bit unstable.

p.s.: A bit more mid rather than high, still a lot to improve

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Joined ︻芫═─── randomczsk █▬█ █ ▀█▀ [6on6] dejw!
Left Deseras [Highlander] Amadeus
Left ︻芫═─── randomczsk █▬█ █ ▀█▀ [6on6] dejw!
Joined ︻芫═─── randomczsk █▬█ █ ▀█▀ [6on6] dejw!
Left EU Gimmicks [6on6] Jaros
Joined Deseras [Highlander] Amadeus
Left Evolution Highlander [Highlander] Raven ❤
Joined Evolution Highlander [Highlander] Raven ❤
Left Bad Vibes [Highlander] Jaros
Joined Bad Vibes [Highlander] Jaros
Left Ginyu -Reborn [Highlander] Nabla
Joined EU Gimmicks [6on6] Rhike
Joined Ginyu -Reborn [Highlander] Nabla
Left redrumers [Highlander] lybon
Joined redrumers [Highlander] lybon
Left Team Vision [Highlander] Jaros
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Left Ignis et Offa [Highlander] Jaros
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Left The Complete Bankers [Highlander] Jaros
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Joined The Complete Bankers [Highlander] UltimatePopcorn.
Left Hearts eSport [Highlander] Jaros
Joined Hearts eSport [Highlander] Bow
Left Caprisports [Highlander] Jaros
Joined Caprisports [Highlander] Stavoh
Left Frog Village Highlander [Highlander] Lin
Left Slovak Republic [National Highlander Team] adysky
Left [6on6] Jaros
Joined Frog Village Highlander [Highlander] Lin
Left The British Crumpet Mafia [Highlander] Jaros
Joined [6on6] Adwarmer
Joined The British Crumpet Mafia [Highlander] Budr
Left Report' [6on6] tullius
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Joined Slovak Republic [National Highlander Team] adysky
Joined Brain Shake [Highlander] Strno

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  1. Breez: -=ST=- - *w* said:


  2. jyrkas: -=ST=- said:


  3. Polarium: ASS - TBC said:

    u just got vacced

  4. supra: █▀█ █▄█▀█▀ said:

    not sure about playing high as I didn’t see him playing on that level before, but absolute nut on Vaccinator, defo worth picking for top mid team B)

  5. Nightmare said:

    He’s a connoisseur in the art of using the autistic ego joke medigun

  6. Cookie_: Yikes said:

    G O D Pick him up

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