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Romania clean carp

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Spy LFT this season, don't care about div. Main pref, but can also sub.

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Action Team By Date
Joined six [6on6] GibZ'
Joined Don't Let My Sentry Die In Vain [Highlander] White
Left Mouse 2 Uber [Highlander] clean carp
Joined Mouse 2 Uber [Highlander] edgarr
Left Mouse 2 Uber [Highlander] clean carp
Joined Mouse 2 Uber [Highlander] clean carp
Left Ladies and Gentlemen [Highlander] clean carp
Joined Ladies and Gentlemen [Highlander] CP66
Left ( . )( . ) Gipsy Bewbs ( . )( . ) [Highlander] clean carp
Left Gipsy Bewbs 6v6 [6on6] clean carp
Joined ( . )( . ) Gipsy Bewbs ( . )( . ) [Highlander] clean carp
Joined Gipsy Bewbs 6v6 [6on6] clean carp

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  1. BlastFM: HP said:

    i love this man

  2. Levia: GIRTH said:

    The common carp or European carp (Cyprinus carpio) is a widespread freshwater fish of eutrophic waters in lakes and large rivers in Europe and Asia. The native wild populations are considered vulnerable to extinction by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), but the species has also been domesticated and introduced (see aquaculture) into environments worldwide, and is often considered a destructive invasive species, being included in the list of the world’s 100 worst invasive species. It gives its name to the carp family Cyprinidae.

  3. sugo: 6 - DLMSDIV said:


  4. JuN: 6 - V// said:


  5. shinso: ASS - hlpugs said:

    pretty good, would recommend

  6. fluffy: APE - Sampler HL said:

    Something.. Somethinggggggggg GYPSY MAIN HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *WHEEZ*

  7. wiitabix: chad - THICC said:

    would recommend

  8. dafuqwasthat: WCS said:

    the man who gave me a start in etf2l

    good spy w IQ

    has a solution to most problems.

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