Scout  Mid/Low Skill, 6on6

Finland Pepis

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I'm Sensitive!!! it's illegal to be mean to me. transscout. my pronoums are low/mid. super passive-aggressive, watch out.

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined Absent [6on6] PlatinumShadow
Left experiment [6on6] Pepis
Left Easy Way Out [Highlander] kYle
Joined experiment [6on6] 0>0
Joined Easy Way Out [Highlander] kYle
Left Bud Jet Tuukkas [Highlander] Pepis
Left Evolutionmen :----DDD [6on6] Pepis
Joined Evolutionmen :----DDD [6on6] IPA
Left Bercow Boys [6on6] Wooba
Joined Bercow Boys [6on6] Donuskus
Left Elytra [6on6] puzol
Joined Elytra [6on6] puzol
Left Monolith [6on6] Pepis
Joined Monolith [6on6] Sh4rpyy
Left Bioneer [6on6] L4T3
Joined Bioneer [6on6] Metso
Left Nasty Wankers [6on6] Pepis
Joined Nasty Wankers [6on6] CoppyZ
Left FaZe Clan [6on6] Pepis
Joined FaZe Clan [6on6] Sheezer
Left Vsauce enthusiasts [6on6] Pepis
Joined Vsauce enthusiasts [6on6] meh
Left Alepagamers!!!1111 [6on6] Pepis
Joined Alepagamers!!!1111 [6on6] MoBa
Left Randavad Raimed [6on6] Pepis
Joined Randavad Raimed [6on6] Konna
Left Russian Brain Advantage [6on6] Pepis
Joined Russian Brain Advantage [6on6] Silvermaster
Left Fugtigt darligt lugtende frugt, Esports! [6on6] Habeef
Joined Fugtigt darligt lugtende frugt, Esports! [6on6] Habeef
Left deadgaming [6on6] Pepis
Joined deadgaming [6on6] Five baz
Left European mix [6on6] Silvermaster
Joined European mix [6on6] Silvermaster
Left Mix^ [6on6] Kamogawa
Joined Mix^ [6on6] Kamogawa
Left EESTI PREM [6on6] Pepis
Joined EESTI PREM [6on6] Named
Left lapio [6on6] Pepis
Joined Bud Jet Tuukkas [Highlander] Hachu
Left Highlander tiimi [Highlander] Pepis
Joined lapio [6on6] Julletin
Left 3/6 [6on6] Pepis
Joined 3/6 [6on6] Crayon
Left Autismi Tölkissä [6on6] Pepis
Joined Vello Vorm [Fun Team] Hei
Left ggd. [Fun Team] Pepis
Joined Autismi Tölkissä [6on6] Charred
Left Tip Top [6on6] Pepis
Joined Tip Top [6on6] Chopp
Left Potato Knishes [6on6] Pepis
Joined Potato Knishes [6on6] Spooble
Left Illusion [6on6] Pepis
Joined ggd. [Fun Team] sheff
Joined Highlander tiimi [Highlander] Punkka
Joined Illusion [6on6] Janqe
Left torigrilli [6on6] jx53
Joined torigrilli [6on6] jx53
Left Kauniit ja Rohkeat [6on6] make
Joined Kauniit ja Rohkeat [6on6] Pepis
Left Forceburger hit Squad [6on6] Pepis
Joined Onerous Onanist [1on1] Pepis
Joined Forceburger hit Squad [6on6] Pepis

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