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Came back from a break 2 months ago, made a team, scrimmed and beaten div 2/top mid teams but unfortunately it got disbanded due to etf2l banning half of it lol. Looking for a keen team to play spy and/or pyro. Can sub as well. If you want me only on sub i can solly and demoman decently too.

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left Digital Slaughter [6on6] MoreBuckets!
Left Easy Way Out [Highlander] kYle
Joined Digital Slaughter [6on6] MoreBuckets!
Left Hueco Mundo [6on6] kYle
Joined Hueco Mundo [6on6] kYle
Left Ferentari Gaming [Fun Team] kYle
Joined Easy Way Out [Highlander] kYle
Joined Ferentari Gaming [Fun Team] bluR-
Left MONKEY MODE [Highlander] Qohen
Joined MONKEY MODE [Highlander] Qohen
Left rolled the 9th [Highlander] kYle
Joined rolled the 9th [Highlander] solare
Left Sono troppo cazzo in botta bro [Fun Team] kYle
Left Whatever bro [6on6] Dashij
Left FRIGE! [Highlander] Demos
Joined FRIGE! [Highlander] tavi
Joined Whatever bro [6on6] Tomu
Left Always Be Flexin' -ABF [6on6] kYle
Joined Always Be Flexin' -ABF [6on6] Thu_
Left !div [6on6] kYle
Joined Sono troppo cazzo in botta bro [Fun Team] luvi
Left Coke Boys [Highlander] kYle
Joined !div [6on6] kYle
Left Always Be Flexin' -ABF [6on6] kYle
Joined Coke Boys [Highlander] kYle
Left Stratosphere HL [Highlander] kYle
Joined Stratosphere HL [Highlander] Hurrdeer
Left DankeyBongBluntry [Highlander] Hurrdeer
Joined DankeyBongBluntry [Highlander] Hurrdeer
Left I'm trying, mom! [Highlander] kYle
Joined I'm trying, mom! [Highlander] ANONYMUS CZ
Joined Always Be Flexin' -ABF [6on6] tibi
Left Always Be Flexin' -ABF [6on6] kYle
Joined Always Be Flexin' -ABF [6on6] kYle
Left Jeh's Witnesses [6on6] tibi
Joined Jeh's Witnesses [6on6] tibi

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