Pyro  Mid Skill, Highlander

Italy Basil

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Season 19
Played multiple seasons in open with playoffs twice, have A LOT of scrimming experience against higher divs teams too
Can sub for keen teams

I'm tired of open, don't offer me that ;-;

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Joined Keep It Kosher! [Highlander] MoreBuckets!
Joined Italy [National Highlander Team] croix
Left Feila eSports finanzieren durch DROPS JR [Highlander] Basil
Joined Lime is Fine [6on6] Desuangle
Left Destroyded_Clan [6on6] Sodium
Joined Destroyded_Clan [6on6] DenisRisov
Left Lime is Fine [6on6] Basil
Joined Lime is Fine [6on6] Basil
Left Stereo sponsored by Roronoa Zoro [6on6] Basil
Joined Feila eSports finanzieren durch DROPS JR [Highlander] nurse
Joined Stereo sponsored by Roronoa Zoro [6on6] Hoxtilicious
Left WikiWikiWaWaBlud [Highlander] Swanny
Left Правый Сектор [6on6] Basil
Joined WikiWikiWaWaBlud [Highlander] Swanny
Left Heavy republic [Highlander] Basil
Joined Правый Сектор [6on6] Xиkka
Left Lunatic Fighters Reborn [6on6] Basil
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Joined Lunatic Fighters Reborn [6on6] Basil
Left Fluidity eSports [6on6] Basil
Joined Fluidity eSports [6on6] .strix
Left Pathetic Pubber Virgins [6on6] Basil
Left LEG [Highlander] Basil
Joined LEG [Highlander] ★ [Epsilon] ★
Left KITCAT [Highlander] Basil
Joined KITCAT [Highlander] Alg
Left PUZON ESPORTS [Highlander] Nolmo
Joined PUZON ESPORTS [Highlander] Nolmo
Left EsEs | JWB And Table Deletes My Comments [Highlander] Basil
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Joined EsEs | JWB And Table Deletes My Comments [Highlander] An_Kangaroo
Left Lunatic Fighters [Highlander] Basil
Joined Lunatic Fighters [Highlander] Basil

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  1. nurse: BLU - HOIL said:

    good Pyro and basically immune to tilting :)

  2. Tom: LiF said:

    chill and dedicated to self-improvement

  3. youcef: chad - CHIMP JR said:

    you wanna play open again ؟ :^)

  4. Basil: LiF - uwu said:

    :DDDDDDDDDD what a comedian!

  5. Basil: LiF - uwu said:

    Time to bump this until it dies

  6. youcef: chad - CHIMP JR said:

    srsly do you wanna play open again ? :)

  7. Basil: LiF - uwu said:


  8. MoreBuckets!: DS. - uwu said:

    really keen and extremely dedicated and such a wounderful guy to be around, deserves a mid team!

    Open leaders go away!!

  9. croix: _____iwate - VR2 said:

    ciao se vuoi ti posso invitare al mio nuovo team che si applicherà per la divisione aperta (open). Fammi sapere se sei interessato!

  10. Basil: LiF - uwu said:


  11. Basil: LiF - uwu said:


  12. Basil: LiF - uwu said:


  13. Basil: LiF - uwu said:

    Still looking

  14. Korrado: DS. said:

    Insane pyro

  15. Basil: LiF - uwu said:

    Aight my team actually disbanded so I’m actually looking for anything tbh

  16. Sprasty: (◠‿◠✿) - TBC said:

    Keen and improving on his dm, pick up!