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Germany ObiHomie

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Hello there. I am looking for a decent commited team for the next 6v6 season. I have experience on both Medic and Scout. If you want to trial me just add me i guess. -The finest of Homies

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left Monarchs of the Circular Things [Highlander] ObiHomie
Left Bercow Boys [6on6] Donuskus
Joined Bercow Boys [6on6] Donuskus
Left EUWQIEFD [6on6] Donuskus
Joined EUWQIEFD [6on6] Donuskus
Left OFFCLASSING ✓ [6on6] ObiHomie
Joined Monarchs of the Circular Things [Highlander] AxioM
Left Monarchs of the Circular Things [Highlander] AxioM
Joined Monarchs of the Circular Things [Highlander] AxioM
Joined Ultiduo Mains BTvv [2on2] AxioM
Left KITCAT [Highlander] ObiHomie
Joined KITCAT [Highlander] Alg
Left LEG [Highlander] ObiHomie
Joined LEG [Highlander] ★ [Epsilon] ★
Left Caffeine Induced Gaming [Highlander] ObiHomie
Joined Caffeine Induced Gaming [Highlander] Clarity.
Left Jomsvikings [Highlander] ObiHomie
Joined OFFCLASSING ✓ [6on6] gamma
Joined Jomsvikings [Highlander] Knipje
Left Tygrysy Wilczka [6on6] ObiHomie
Joined Tygrysy Wilczka [6on6] SIRWilczek
Left Gamers Against Weed [Highlander] ObiHomie
Left Perpetual Motion Squad [6on6] ObiHomie
Joined Gamers Against Weed [Highlander] Val
Left New agers [Highlander] ObiHomie
Joined New agers [Highlander] XIV century plague d
Left Blood Merchants [Highlander] Elisio
Joined Blood Merchants [Highlander] Elisio
Joined Perpetual Motion Squad [6on6] ObiHomie
Left Jim Jong Un and the Ginger Crew [6on6] ObiHomie
Joined Jim Jong Un and the Ginger Crew [6on6] Noobification
Left Birds Don't Fly [Highlander] ObiHomie
Left fuck, our med is Gon [6on6] ObiHomie
Joined fuck, our med is Gon [6on6] Hoxtilicious
Joined Birds Don't Fly [Highlander] AxioM

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  1. Offside: D-WAR - VLHL said:

    bind “i” “Adelarbind”
    alias Adelarbind “Adelarbind1”
    alias Adelarbind1 “say Adelar: you your a bot;alias Adelarbind Adelarbind2”
    alias Adelarbind2 “say Adelar: offside ur a little spaz;alias Adelarbind Adelarbind3”
    alias Adelarbind3 “say Adelar: ahahahahahhaah;alias Adelarbind Adelarbind4”
    alias Adelarbind4 “say Adelar: dommed by a bot;alias Adelarbind Adelarbind5”
    alias Adelarbind5 “say Adelar: gaygay;alias Adelarbind Adelarbind6”
    alias Adelarbind6 “say Adelar: killed by a bot fml;alias Adelarbind Adelarbind7”
    alias Adelarbind7 “say Adelar: oh ur such a bitch;alias Adelarbind Adelarbind8”
    alias Adelarbind8 “say Adelar: lmao trash;alias Adelarbind Adelarbind9”
    alias Adelarbind9 “say Adelar: tfw ur just bad and cant shut :(;alias Adelarbind Adelarbind10”
    alias Adelarbind10 “say Adelar: ThAt’S rIgHt GeT fUcKeD;alias Adelarbind Adelarbind11”
    alias Adelarbind11 “say Adelar: Personality: Generally an ok guy if your not trying to scam me or being a prick;alias Adelarbind Adelarbind12”
    alias Adelarbind12 “say Adelar: If I win, I’m a prodigy. If I lose then I’m mad. That’s the way history is written.;alias Adelarbind Adelarbind13”
    alias Adelarbind13 “say Adelar: When life knocks you down you can stay down or get back up.;alias Adelarbind Adelarbind14”
    alias Adelarbind14 “say Adelar: If you’re good at something never do it for free.;alias Adelarbind Adelarbind15”
    alias Adelarbind15 “say Adelar: Your eyes decieve you, dont trust them.;alias Adelarbind Adelarbind16”
    alias Adelarbind16 “say Adelar: Da steh ich namlich druber genauso wie bei deiner Mutter gestern Nacht;alias Adelarbind Adelarbind1”

  2. Offside: D-WAR - VLHL said:

    Hello Fellow adelar fans. I’m adelars boyfriend and i request her a lot… She gives me money and pays the bills and helps me out in my times of need.. I love her so much. You should too!!!!!

  3. JohnnyBambo: [HA] - #T4F said:

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