Scout  High/Mid Skill, 6on6

France sod

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I am little toxic

TOUT pour le gang addé moi les cousins

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined Yo’ Momma [6on6] auto
Joined REFORMED F.C. [Highlander] Woona
Left cuby +0 [6on6] sod
Joined cuby +0 [6on6] deli
Left habibigogame [6on6] sod
Joined habibigogame [6on6] Cuby
Left opa! squad [6on6] sod
Joined opa! squad [6on6] downpour
Left mix fr gaming sponsored by lawless [6on6] sod
Joined mix fr gaming sponsored by lawless [6on6] mulaa
Left Jamien [6on6] dwo
Joined Jamien [6on6] dwo
Left nique zebi [Fun Team] sod
Left rip playoff dream i cry every night :( [6on6] sod
Joined nique zebi [Fun Team] scar
Joined rip playoff dream i cry every night :( [6on6] scar
Left Bedo [6on6] sod
Joined Bedo [6on6] Tenno
Left Jael eSport [6on6] sod
Joined Jael eSport [6on6] Plop
Left Trihard pre'game [Fun Team] sod
Left 21:08 - Sayanel: team e-LITE [Highlander] sod
Joined Trihard pre'game [Fun Team] dwo
Left north korean space program [6on6] sod
Joined 21:08 - Sayanel: team e-LITE [Highlander] veach
Joined north korean space program [6on6] veach
Joined Ksossmusic [2on2] deli
Left La Cliquezher [LAN Team] sod
Left La CliqueLol [6on6] sod
Joined La CliqueLol [6on6] SiMoon
Joined La Cliquezher [LAN Team] deli
Left That's a Bingo! [Highlander] pyla
Joined That's a Bingo! [Highlander] SiMoon
Left Sheguey Squaad [Fun Team] sod
Left Infinity [Highlander] sod
Left METALEAK [6on6] MaDa
Joined METALEAK [6on6] MaDa
Joined Infinity [Highlander] SiMoon
Left METALEAK [6on6] MaDa
Joined METALEAK [6on6] MaDa
Joined Sheguey Squaad [Fun Team] MaDa
Left Tigers Esport [6on6] Fromage
Joined Tigers Esport [6on6] euthanasia
Left Dark Thoughts [6on6] sod
Joined Dark Thoughts [6on6] major
Left HOLY Potatoes ! [6on6] d0
Joined HOLY Potatoes ! [6on6] Trickix

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  1. loopster: MONSOON said:


  2. euthanasia said:

    solid pickup

  3. deli: THEORIST - TBC said:


  4. mulaa: GODRAF said:

    very good dm, can easily play d2/1

  5. Ardacos: MONSOON said:

    BIG BIG nahouya du 69 big aim

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