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Netherlands Lemmy

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Decently experienced 6s soldier looking for a serious open team. Prefer pocket but can also play roman. Got 2nd place in the EUMixes cup

Good availability (almost) every day after 18 CE(S)T. Can speak Dutch/German/English.

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left Pedalo e-Sports [Highlander] Lemmy
Left wd40 remastered edition [6on6] Lemmy
Joined wd40 remastered edition [6on6] AVS
Left Vulgar Display Of Rappiostreaming [6on6] Lemmy
Joined Pedalo e-Sports [Highlander] Profix
Left ninlop [Highlander] Lemmy
Joined ninlop [Highlander] troy
Joined Vulgar Display Of Rappiostreaming [6on6] IPA
Left Classic Pickup [6on6] Lemmy
Joined Classic Pickup [6on6] Patrick
Left Electric Mayhem [6on6] Lemmy
Joined Electric Mayhem [6on6] Anthrax
Left Trouble in the doggo village [6on6] Lemmy
Joined Trouble in the doggo village [6on6] nekro
Left MinionSports [Highlander] Lemmy
Left Bad at Positioning [6on6] Lemmy
Joined Bad at Positioning [6on6] Miko
Left ded team [6on6] Lemmy
Joined ded team [6on6] Pecklesteiner
Joined MinionSports [Highlander] S+
Left ded team [6on6] Lemmy
Left MinionSports [Highlander] Lemmy
Joined MinionSports [Highlander] S+
Left Don't Let My Sentry Die In Vain [Highlander] Lemmy
Joined Don't Let My Sentry Die In Vain [Highlander] Classy
Joined ded team [6on6] Pecklesteiner
Left Mercury [6on6] Lemmy
Joined Mercury [6on6] Rev3
Left Also Known As [6on6] Lemmy
Joined Also Known As [6on6] Greemu
Left Tranquility [6on6] Lemmy
Joined Tranquility [6on6] S+
Left Mercury [6on6] Lemmy
Joined Mercury [6on6] Rev3
Left Kaiser 6s [6on6] Lemmy
Left Team Submissive Frog Girls [2on2] Lemmy
Left Agents of Fortune [Highlander] Lemmy
Joined Kaiser 6s [6on6] Plymouth
Joined Agents of Fortune [Highlander] Pecklesteiner
Left Kaiser 6s [6on6] Lemmy
Joined Team Submissive Frog Girls [2on2] Lemmy
Left Ladies and Gentlemen [Highlander] Lemmy
Joined Kaiser 6s [6on6] Plymouth
Joined Ladies and Gentlemen [Highlander] clean carp
Left Red Coats [6on6] Lemmy
Left eeeee [Highlander] Lemmy
Joined Red Coats [6on6] groundwalker
Left Eggsuckers United [6on6] Lemmy
Joined eeeee [Highlander] Attendant
Joined Eggsuckers United [6on6] Dr.Lukerio

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  1. shamfleet said:

    solid meme

  2. Xav said:


  3. Jamie c:: duck said:

    nice comment

  4. Lemmy said:


  5. Dippi: Descent - kiti said:

    BAP Lemmy

  6. Lemmy said:


  7. Miko: BaP - hlpugs said:

    best weeb soldier perhaps

  8. NikolaNido: BaP said:

    g’day all

  9. IPA: kys said:


  10. NoJu: 8D said:

    Seems like a nice guy that’s legit willing to learn, improve and be keen, pick him up

  11. Joseph__: Quaint - ᵍaₑtᵃ said:

    listens well


  12. Noot: NDF - Sampler HL said:

    friendly anime girl

  13. YeeHaww said:

    Needs a boopity bump
    Very cool and good gamer give him a good and cool team

  14. Kars: Quaint - KAAS said:

    succes met t vinden van een team

  15. Lemmy said: