DemomanSoldier  Mid Skill, 6on6

England Nhaaj

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Don't want to main call.

Roamer > Pocket > Demo

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined Polar Pals [6on6] Shadu
Left CAFe BLACK [6on6] Nhaaj
Left ☆ Project Horizon ☆ [Highlander] Hoxtilicious
Joined CAFe BLACK [6on6] Nhaaj
Left NicerGuys [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined NicerGuys [6on6] Cookie_
Left Tranquility [6on6] S+
Joined ☆ Project Horizon ☆ [Highlander] Hoxtilicious
Joined Tranquility [6on6] S+
Left newbie [Fun Team] daga
Left Global Disgrace [Highlander] Nhaaj
Joined newbie [Fun Team] daga
Left 9 Gays [Fun Team] Nhaaj
Left i yell at dogs [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined i yell at dogs [6on6] AstralConfluences
Left ZEROx. [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined ZEROx. [6on6] mAdyy
Left miss browns boys [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined Global Disgrace [Highlander] grace
Joined miss browns boys [6on6] disable
Left Whales EAT Platinum Dude!! [6on6] Nhaaj
Left Massive Legends Here [Highlander] Josh
Joined Whales EAT Platinum Dude!! [6on6] pander
Joined Massive Legends Here [Highlander] Josh
Left Tesco [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined Tesco [6on6] Niro
Left Illiterate Iguanas [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined Illiterate Iguanas [6on6] Nick
Left JWB fangirls [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined JWB fangirls [6on6] Ph3no
Left Aether [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined Aether [6on6] GENERAL ZERO
Left CAFe-sports [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined 9 Gays [Fun Team] Whip_Cactus
Joined CAFe-sports [6on6] Nhaaj
Left N U G S [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined N U G S [6on6] therealslimswayze
Left CAFe-sports [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined CAFe-sports [6on6] Nhaaj
Left vodka every death [LAN Team] Nhaaj
Left Underage Wizards United [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined Underage Wizards United [6on6] Hyipr
Left Dyslexics Untied [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined Dyslexics Untied [6on6] JellyNinja
Left eXhausted Runners [6on6] shock
Joined eXhausted Runners [6on6] shock
Left Buff Correll's Buff Boys [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined vodka every death [LAN Team] akachu
Joined Buff Correll's Buff Boys [6on6] Antimation
Left limbuds fag squad [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined limbuds fag squad [6on6] Nhaaj
Left The Shaggers Club [Fun Team] Nhaaj
Left The Shaggers Club [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined The Shaggers Club [6on6] Stylax
Joined The Shaggers Club [Fun Team] Stylax
Left TT6s [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined TT6s [6on6] Roper
Left Anime babez [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined Anime babez [6on6] Nhaaj
Left SalTEeSports [6on6] Roper
Joined SalTEeSports [6on6] Roper
Left Nihilism Reborn [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined Nihilism Reborn [6on6] Nhaaj
Left Amikosaur [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined Amikosaur [6on6] toemas_

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  1. Wooba: r86 said:


  2. Donuskus: officer - std:: said:

    up the shagger himself, nhaaj the lad.

  3. Aelkyr: PORG - ☆ PH ☆ said:

    Genuinely one of the most raging person I’ve ever played with. Is nice outside of the game, and I played HL with him, so maybe he’ll be fine in 6’s ?

  4. shock: CBT - Wow, swag said:

  5. juup: troy said:

    my favourite streamer for his high quality Mid gameplay, his demo skills amaze me each time I rewatch his VODs, pick him up before i make a prem project with him

  6. nagle: CBT - Wow, swag said:

    Hit the Quan


    Aye, I’m finna
    Aye I’m finna
    I’m finna show you how to
    Hit the Quan
    Hit the Quan
    Hit the Quan
    Hit the Quan
    I said get down low and swing your arm
    I said get down low and hit the Quan
    I’m finna show you how to
    Hit the Quan
    Hit the Quan
    Hit the Quan
    Hit the Quan
    I said get down low and swing your arm
    I said get down low and hit the Quan
    I paper chase then vanish
    Hit the Quan note her make her boyfriend panic
    I heart Memphis, but I also love dancing
    I done took off on ’em, I don’t plan on landing
    I call shots just do it like Nike
    No FaceTime but the people wanna Skype me
    If I do time then who would really write me
    I stay on y’all mind but oh I think they like me
    Clean pair of sneaks, with ADs on her belt
    Please watch your step ’cause I’m feeling myself

  7. renhoop: autistic - ✞360✞ said:

    He can click

  8. LilCute: Xypher - Sampler HL said:

    Uh oh

  9. juxta: Paf! 3.0 - A3CDBL2 said:

    i understand why ud share these twitch clips but id like to point out being frustrated as a player when ur team is losing can also be a quality in a way, and its also something most people can work on (including nhaaj imo) if their teammates show trust

  10. SchmitShot: Paf! 3.0 - badL said:

    Nhaaj is a good person to me, everytime i played with him he was a little warm blood but that’s all, in no way i associate nhaaj as a BIG looser who scream on everyone coz he is bad.
    Publish these twitch clips on his recpost is rude.

    However nhaaj i think mid is a little bit too high for you, i would advise you to look for a low team top8/4, keep on raging on sandbaggers in mid

    i recommend this guy as demoman and pocket (idk for roamer)

  11. Prawn: LLL said:


  12. renhoop: autistic - ✞360✞ said:


  13. Temp: autistic - BOB said:


  14. Aku: ✞360✞ said:


  15. mlodzier: PolandA said:

    @Schmitt top low is better than bottom mid flukers shitters so if you’re saying that he should look for top low teams he can also look for some middies so your advise
    is retarded

  16. juup: troy said:

    20d sam : ok you joined the retard team fuck you
    sam lft : im glad 20 died
    sam lft has disconnected

  17. nagle: CBT - Wow, swag said:

    yo how many hours did it take u to type this

  18. Buddy: CBT said:

    “my team isnt dead retard”

  19. grix: CBT - 3' said:

  20. Tonton Flairix: LP - A3CDBL2 said:

    Free to come with me on open

  21. juxta: Paf! 3.0 - A3CDBL2 said:

    idek u and u cant even quote me right lmfaooo

  22. SchmitShot: Paf! 3.0 - badL said:

    @mlodzier no ^^
    you confuse going to the playoffs with succeeding playoff
    when i see S31 and S32 (even 30) in low, I noticed every time 1/2 teams that deserved to be in playoff (but was cut)
    i mean, champions (winner s31 open) played againts 3 team on top 4 low, so was cut from playoff because to hard seed but deserve it.
    You can still make very nice season in low (top8) but make a catastrophic mid.
    with regard to the nhaaj’s attitude he can’t go to mid

    PS : I wrote this without noticing that you were in champions.


  24. mlodzier: PolandA said:

    Yeah man this season was pretty hard by seeding (the other factors got some impact on it too) but i dont think that top low player (as you describe Nhaaj) woulndt handle mid but now i understand your statement

  25. Donuskus: officer - std:: said:

  26. Retro: PP said:

    big brain
    can lose his head occasionally
    but he has good intentions and a good heart- respect

  27. troy said:

    nhaaj lol

  28. eevv: smiling - AoF said:

    hits vape and then pushes heavy

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