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Hello! I recently got into the competitive scene and was looking to join a team, I mainly play soldier however I am flexible with other classes, mainly pyro, Demoman, medic, Heavy, spy, sniper, engineer etc. Despite only just getting into Comp I have been playing the game for years now and I have 1.5k hours on tf2. I consider myself a fairly decent if above average soldier main who loves to market garden and take long walks on the beach. Have a penchant for making dumb plays work quite often too. Would love to hear from someone about playing some practice matches or joining a community where I could learn more about the Comp scene.

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  1. BlastFM: HP - TO said:

    Look for an open team, not high/mid for a start

    Engi, heavy, pyro, sniper and spy are not played full time in 6s

  2. troy said:

    literal god amongst men get him now

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