Soldier  Low/Open Skill, 6on6

Netherlands Lemmy

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Looking for a decent and serious Open or low-Low team as Pocket soldier (could also play Roamer, but Pocket is preferred) for Season 33.

Can do basic maincalling and have good availability.

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left Bad at Positioning [6on6] Lemmy
Joined Bad at Positioning [6on6] Miko
Left Conservative Cartel [6on6] Lemmy
Joined Conservative Cartel [6on6] Pecklesteiner
Joined MinionSports [Highlander] S+
Left Conservative Cartel [6on6] Lemmy
Left MinionSports [Highlander] Lemmy
Joined MinionSports [Highlander] S+
Left Dirty Polski [Highlander] Lemmy
Joined Dirty Polski [Highlander] Classy
Joined Conservative Cartel [6on6] Pecklesteiner
Left Mercury [6on6] Lemmy
Joined Mercury [6on6] ajR
Left Also Known As [6on6] Lemmy
Joined Also Known As [6on6] Greemu
Left Tranquility [6on6] Lemmy
Joined Tranquility [6on6] S+
Left Mercury [6on6] Lemmy
Joined Mercury [6on6] ajR
Left Kaiser 6s [6on6] Lemmy
Left Team Submissive Frog Girls [2on2] Lemmy
Left Agents of Fortune [Highlander] Lemmy
Joined Kaiser 6s [6on6] Plymouth
Joined Agents of Fortune [Highlander] Pecklesteiner
Left Kaiser 6s [6on6] Lemmy
Joined Team Submissive Frog Girls [2on2] Lemmy
Left Ladies and Gentlemen [Highlander] Lemmy
Joined Kaiser 6s [6on6] Plymouth
Joined Ladies and Gentlemen [Highlander] guguloiul1
Left Red Coats [6on6] Lemmy
Left eeeee [Highlander] Lemmy
Joined Red Coats [6on6] groundwalker
Left Eggsuckers United [6on6] Lemmy
Joined eeeee [Highlander] Attendant
Joined Eggsuckers United [6on6] Dr.Lukerio

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View Open 6 147
View Open 1 74
View Open 0 72
View Low/Open 2 77


  1. Pecklesteiner: ^CC^ - banana said:

    He is very cool and good and his calls are pretty good. Brain player

  2. S+: Tranq - banana said:

    Got kicked from a low open team, failed BaP trials. Would pick up.

  3. Lemmy: banana said:

    I 6 0 BaP players

  4. froz: [MWA] - uD said:

    solid player, with a proper team he’ll pound.

  5. BlueBucket: CC.BLK said:

    Keeps refering to me as “India” and saying “You India, you lose”. I dont know why. would pick up if you want a dutch german on your team.

  6. Lemmy: banana said:

    Thx India

  7. Jamie c: said:

    the nicest person called lemmy ive ever met

  8. hawaii: [MWA] said:

    can handle low/open i guess

  9. HopelessFerret: ^ - n9 said:

    Very keen and super nice. Take him to top open, and he’ll crush.

  10. nekro: off? - boi said:

    plays vidya very well pick up yes

  11. BlastFM: KE said:

    Good lad

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