ScoutSoldier  High/Mid Skill, 6on6

England lyte

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sub spot

mid scout/high solly

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left Backdoor Beauties 5 [6on6] lyte
Joined Backdoor Beauties 5 [6on6] dududul POPOPOL
Left Russian Brain Advantage [6on6] lyte
Joined Russian Brain Advantage [6on6] Silvermaster
Left Meowmyx [6on6] lyte
Joined Meowmyx [6on6] gilga
Left Xypher [6on6] lyte
Joined Xypher [6on6] Snow
Left :nauseated_face: [6on6] lyte
Joined :nauseated_face: [6on6] lyte
Left IRN in Blood, BRU in my Belly [6on6] lyte
Joined IRN in Blood, BRU in my Belly [6on6] Sivik
Left MGE [1on1] lyte
Joined ganja mandem [2on2] lyte
Left M G E B O Y S [6on6] lyte
Joined MGE [1on1] lyte
Joined M G E B O Y S [6on6] mawer55555
Left [T-A] At The Vanguard [6on6] lyte
Joined [T-A] At The Vanguard [6on6] Sweeck
Left Breaking Badlands [6on6] lyte
Joined Breaking Badlands [6on6] Captain Cucumber
Left Okay, thank you. Good bye [6on6] lyte
Joined Okay, thank you. Good bye [6on6] Collaide
Left Fakku Brigade [6on6] lyte
Left Pipes like a plumber [1on1] lyte
Left Abusment Park [Highlander] lyte
Joined Abusment Park [Highlander] Derakusa
Joined Pipes like a plumber [1on1] lyte
Left Sexy Russian Slags [1on1] lyte
Left The Greengrocer's Mafia [Highlander] lyte
Joined Fakku Brigade [6on6] lyte
Left Яushers [6on6] lyte
Joined Яushers [6on6] Dartenix
Left 6^Up [6on6] lyte
Joined The Greengrocer's Mafia [Highlander] Doom
Joined Sexy Russian Slags [1on1] lyte
Joined 6^Up [6on6] Fuddles
Left Synergy Gaming [6on6] lyte
Left Synergy Highlander [Highlander] lyte
Joined Synergy Highlander [Highlander] lyte
Joined Synergy Gaming [6on6] lyte

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View High/Mid 6 245
View Mid 5 172
View Mid 3 71
View Mid 1 231
View Mid 0 314
View Mid/High 0 357
View Mid/High 6 485
View Div 3/Div 4 5 344
View Div 3/Div 4 6 271
View Div 3/Div 4 10 542
View Div 3 0 273
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View Div 3 5 416
View Div 3 14 496
View Div 4 8 405
View Div 4/Div 5 0 239
View Div 5 0 287
View Div 5 6 437
View Div 5 2 229
View Div 4/Div 5 1 342


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