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Poland nurse

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Hello hello!
I'm looking for nice established open team as main medic, because I want to gain more HL competetive experience.

Currently I play in UGC HL team, add me if you have more questions :)

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Joined Belle Delphines Fan Club [6on6] Josh
Joined :sunglasses: [Highlander] Josh
Left rip [6on6] nurse
Joined rip [6on6] Morgan
Left Fresh Salad [Fun Team] nurse
Joined Fresh Salad [Fun Team] Racso

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  1. Adda: ᵧaᴸʟₐʜ - ᵍaₑtᵃ said:

    This medic deserves so much love. Well skilled and keeps improving <3

  2. Morgan: NUKE - lil said:

    Keen as fuck, decent skills on medic, i’m sure she will improve with a good team!

  3. Hannes: crumbs - Carlsberg said:

    god tier

  4. Polarium said:

    seks apprentice

  5. Roquet: HUSSARS - BCCrw said:

    Z tego co widzę masz dużo polecających, strailowałbym cię ale mam jedynie miejsce na suba i chce mieć taki sam skład na ugc co etf2l :/

  6. Nightmare said:

    leila junior

  7. Liko: POUND said:

    keenest around! there isn’t a time where nurse isn’t grinding casual, so will probably improve real fast in a proper team – sounds like a solid pick to me

  8. HOI: POUND - Carlsberg said:

    keen & friendly vocal gamer

  9. mlodzier: Champ said:

    br3jni 3 lutego o 17:35
    przyjmujesz w hotelu czy u siebie? bo bym wpadl

  10. Peace Sells: -Xe- said:

    Super friendly, honest and reliable, hard working every day to improve and from match to match you see her getting better and better. She cares a lot so you better do too!

    Gold 5. Feb. um 23:00 Uhr
    br3jni to pierdziuch no?

  11. Gladius: HM said:

    Very Good medic
    Serious keen
    Ready to go and win some open

  12. supra: pngwn - █▀█ █▄█▀█▀ said:

    you shouldn’t take seriously that retarded thing what br3jni said, you’re so calm and keen so i would be very happy to play with you soon on highlander
    you seem to play at night literally every day so as my preciding speakers said you’re on a good way to get good
    good luck in finding your future team! <3

  13. Munky: .Qc` - HM said:

    Lovely medic who deserves to find a good team

  14. troy: myx - troy said:

    crazyily insane!

  15. kuroi: MNM - HM said:


  16. Alg: AC - KITCAT said:

    good medic and very friendly

  17. guguloiul1: M2U said:

    cool gurl

    medics deserve more respect

  18. Lava: RUSH - TBC said:

    heals be strong with this one. pick her up!

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