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My team is probably going to fold soon. Looking for anything in Low,Mid and maybe Div2 as main/sub, I don't care, aslong as the team is chilled

Div2 only as Medic, got mentored from some couple of Div2 Medics, could give it a shoot.

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  1. Barthiz: LOTOS - TBC said:

    “My team is probably going to fold soon.”

    nothing new

  2. Spectat0r: TANK - -=LMDP=- said:


  3. konr: idd. said:

    I would have time this Thursday and Sunday (weekend depends when I go out) time for a trial if you want

    We’re trying another dude for the full week, I’ll let you know how that goes

    then Im not interested sorry

    lol ok

    No Im sick of people always picking “best” players. Just quit this game already

    What on earth are you talking about
    We just want to enjoy playing the game?
    And we also want to have people actually be available when we play
    So we got someone to trial that isn’t you and you’re mad..?
    Wtf lmao
    Cmon bro
    You just reacted super fucking weird so I’m just gonna block you and get on with my life now
    Good luck in your search! :)

  4. smoogle: AC said:

    bad attitude, change it.