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Scotland Jazz

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season 18 mid playoffs team/bottom div2 maybe? (Lucian said if i didnt add the div2 part he'd ddos me)

I already have two offers but the season is still a while out

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Left black BLACK (BACK IN BLACK) [6on6] Jazz
Joined black BLACK (BACK IN BLACK) [6on6] messy
Left Bathcan Alley [6on6] Jazz
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Joined Concerned B&Q Employees [Highlander] Jazz
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  1. HBFS: pHy said:

    Good sniper with nice scottish accent. +rep

  2. HBFS: pHy said:

    Oh yea, he’s also the scottish version of ketchup, if that makes sense

  3. Jazz said:

    im nothing like ketchup wtf

  4. proky: (League Admin) - o5. - dab said:

    runs a nice stream

  5. rech: .isbad - VLHL said:

    best nibba in town

  6. Lucian: jeff - VR said:

    div2, not bottom wtf -.-

  7. T1k.: NUKE - 3' said:

    mod on his stream so i’m legally required to endorse him

  8. marcel said:

    Top tier sniper

  9. ketchup: ƘƛƝƘЄƦƁOƳƧ said:


  10. Jazz said:


  11. Jazz said:

    still looking x

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