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Finland Habina

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Going cph. Playing med and would really like to play with my man (eLs)

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined MGE FAMILY: suomi settia [LAN Team] Bloodis
Left CredunKylkimyyrat# [LAN Team] Habina
Joined STiNGHAN Logistics E-Sports [6on6] Tercio
Left insane! [6on6] Daul
Joined insane! [6on6] Daul
Joined lil Team Vol.3 [Highlander] Morgan
Joined Tahranpoistoaine [Fun Team] puistokemisti
Left ucraine хуле fanclub [6on6] Habina
Joined ucraine хуле fanclub [6on6] shock
Left Labra [Highlander] Habina
Left /// [6on6] Habina
Joined /// [6on6] eLs
Left Hell's Kitchen [6on6] Habina
Joined Labra [Highlander] eLs
Joined Hell's Kitchen [6on6] gatsan
Left selected. [6on6] Habina
Joined selected. [6on6] Lek
Left FEAR g0r3 Clan [6on6] Habina
Joined FEAR g0r3 Clan [6on6] eLs
Left ٩( °‿°)۶ [Fun Team] Habina
Left FaZer Clan [6on6] Habina
Joined FaZer Clan [6on6] Krung Fu
Left /// [6on6] Habina
Joined /// [6on6] eLs
Left Weed Cake Sellers [Highlander] Fire
Left Kaapin Paikka ReRIP [6on6] Habina
Joined Weed Cake Sellers [Highlander] Fire
Joined Kaapin Paikka ReRIP [6on6] skete
Left Deox fan club [6on6] Habina
Left payfordispenser [Highlander] quicAAA
Joined payfordispenser [Highlander] quicAAA
Joined Deox fan club [6on6] eLs
Left Noobs Without Ambitions [6on6] Max
Joined Noobs Without Ambitions [6on6] Max
Left FaZer Clan [6on6] eLs
Left LoL HL [Highlander] Habina
Joined LoL HL [Highlander] Luikuri
Left LoL HL [Highlander] Luikuri
Joined FaZer Clan [6on6] eLs
Left FaZer Clan [6on6] eLs
Joined FaZer Clan [6on6] eLs
Joined ٩( °‿°)۶ [Fun Team] Luikuri
Joined LoL HL [Highlander] Luikuri
Left Supisuolainen Highlander tiimi [Highlander] Habina
Left Red Slider [2on2] Habina
Left ٩( °‿°)۶ [Fun Team] Habina
Joined Supisuolainen Highlander tiimi [Highlander] skete
Left Apina ftw [Highlander] Habina
Joined Red Slider [2on2] credu
Joined Apina ftw [Highlander] Luikuri
Joined ٩( °‿°)۶ [Fun Team] Luikuri
Joined CredunKylkimyyrat# [LAN Team] credu

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