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I’d really like to join I main demoman (in comp I use full stock, but iron bomber, but most of the time I use iron bomber, tide turner and cliadheamh mor being my main and only competitivly viable demoknight tactic but i don’t have any problems to play with a sticky bomb launcher) I am still kinda bad and i can hit pretty well airshots.
OH and i am not only submiting demo, soldier as well I am a great jumper is given time to learn a rollout, I mostly prefer playin roamer but I am fine with pocket soldierabout my jumping career I can beat the whole jump_accademy_classic, jump_jurf, jump_sketchy_r2, and 50% of jump_ddpls and no I can’t bounce, I can bhop well enough, but as i said before i can rollout well if i learn to do it with time, and no if you ask i can’t ctap constantly. I can airshot pretty well and I use the original but not stock (i only use stock if there is a sentry i still need to bomb so i can corner peak),the worst weapon i am at is the direct hit and yeh here’s my soldier and demo resumay… but wait there’s more (hopefully i don’t look dumb since i really like using memes):
I can play engineer as well great in both defensive,hibrid and combat engineer and I know when to use each loadout I can jag effect rollout (on maps i don’t play a lot i can improvise) I mostly use the wrangler and really love using a shotgun even tough sometimes i stupidly shoot my building with a shotgun thinking i have the rescue ranger (ik that’s really stupid) oh I am pretty good with meatshooting with shotguns so i can play scout well enough i’d submit him as well (ik by this point you’d say why the hell are you talking so much just plz shut up, but i need to present myself well), my worst classes (in order) in terms of my skill are spy, sniper, medic, pyro, scout, heavy (and yes i could recruit for heavy but i think there are way better people that want to), engineer, pocket soldier, roamer soldier, stock demo and finally my best class and main hibrid knight (still as the way i began iron bomber,turner and cliadheahm mor).
So this is my resumay i’d really like to join so i can start in the comp scene and of course ik how 6s and highlander works, and i really hope i could get in.
and if you wanted to know i live in italy (south-center) so my ping is not really great and it really gives me problems but if i am at least less then 90 ping i can play fine so here it end yeh.hope i make it in:D.
P.s: ik it’s really long and probably 2 much information but i wanna present myself well.

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  1. Divine: (ETF2L Donator) - geezer - MUUMIT said:

    a name I can get behind

  2. smoogle said:

    La divina commedia

  3. MoreBuckets!: Hallo? said:

    Great Article! would definitely read in my free time!
    -Time Magazine


    yeah i know it i made it way to long sry if you have to stay there about 10 mins at reading this bs
    so in short terms i am reacruiting for soldier,demo,engi and scout i’d really mostly highlander matches and 6v6

  5. Sprasty: TBC said:

    Benvenuto e buona fortuna con la prima season ^^

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