Scout  Mid/Low Skill, 6on6

Israel Dippi

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my project team died :(
top low / low mid
open for trialing
add me

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left Hamas [6on6] Dippi
Joined Jew Events [Fun Team] matej
Left Murder 1 [Fun Team] Dippi
Joined Murder 1 [Fun Team] KHALISTAN ZINDABAD jeves
Left Jew Events [Fun Team] Dippi
Joined Hamas [6on6] Dippi
Left Galactic Pipes [6on6] Dippi
Joined Villager Warband [Highlander] mattikus
Left Valhalla [Highlander] shinso
Joined Jew Events [Fun Team] Dippi
Joined Galactic Pipes [6on6] DelT
Left Flood Defence & Traffic Management [6on6] viking
Joined Flood Defence & Traffic Management [6on6] KemNG
Joined Valhalla [Highlander] shinso
Left Dippifraglord [1on1] Dippi
Left End me please [6on6] Dippi
Left Seery_Meme [Fun Team] Dippi
Left Pizza time [Highlander] mattikus
Joined Seery_Meme [Fun Team] Patrick
Left CobyGamingIL [Fun Team] Dippi
Joined CobyGamingIL [Fun Team] Dippi
Joined Dippifraglord [1on1] Dippi
Joined End me please [6on6] Patrick
Joined VIRGINS [2on2] Harrow
Joined Pizza time [Highlander] lybon
Left Bad at Positioning [6on6] Miko
Joined Bad at Positioning [6on6] Miko
Left Vicious Men [6on6] Dippi
Joined Vicious Men [6on6] Kus
Left Mahabulim [6on6] Dippi
Joined Mahabulim [6on6] Dippi
Left The Daddies [Highlander] Dippi
Left Full_In_Rabbits [6on6] Dippi
Joined The Daddies [Highlander] Kickert
Left sticky fingers [Highlander] Dippi
Left aviv bakara ma kara [2on2] Dippi
Joined aviv bakara ma kara [2on2] Dippi
Joined sticky fingers [Highlander] originalas
Joined Full_In_Rabbits [6on6] Doby

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  1. MoreBuckets!: Hallo? said:


  2. Magistr: o5. - Phoenix S. said:

    MoreBuckets! said:
    Today, 20:00


  3. smoogle said:

    MoreBuckets! said:
    Today, 20:00


  4. Havok: Muscles said:


  5. Hampe: jeff - Wow, swag said:


  6. LackRish: RIP said:

    big autism big brain

  7. Basils Creed: LF said:


  8. TK_: VLHL said:

    If you join his jewish mix, make sure to mute everyone there but good player for low.

  9. Tamir: JWB. - COGU said:

    give him a shot can handle low in a playoffs level for sure

  10. KHALISTAN ZINDABAD jeves: o5. - dab said:

    certified hand rubber, schemer and mr. burns character

  11. EvVill: NSU said:

    amazing player

  12. Dippi: Riot"! said:


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