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European Ph3no

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Haven't played for a few months due to real life stuff, but looking to get back into competitive tf2. Mainly play scout and soldier (low level atm. Could be mid after I fully get back into the game). Can also play demo for a low or open team. Hmu

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Action Team By Date
Joined Convergence [6on6] LeftyForLife
Left Experience [6on6] Offside
Joined Experience [6on6] Offside
Left The Jens Weber Society [6on6] Tom
Joined The Jens Weber Society [6on6] BaumeisterBasti
Left JWB fangirls [6on6] Ph3no
Joined JWB fangirls [6on6] Ph3no
Left Project [6on6] Ph3no
Joined Project [6on6] Ph3no
Left Monika did nothing wrong [6on6] JWB
Joined Monika did nothing wrong [6on6] JWB
Left seymour the house is on fire [6on6] Ph3no
Joined seymour the house is on fire [6on6] Sineti
Left Underage Wizards United [6on6] Ph3no
Joined Underage Wizards United [6on6] Hyipr
Left The Small Council [6on6] Ph3no
Joined The Small Council [6on6] RTC
Left Kritz Your Scout [6on6] Ph3no
Joined Kritz Your Scout [6on6] Ph3no
Left Cabbage [6on6] Ph3no
Joined Cabbage [6on6] Xorkilicious
Left Cryptic eSports [6on6] Ph3no
Joined Cryptic eSports [6on6] DeepZ
Left Edgy Players [6on6] Ph3no
Joined Edgy Players [6on6] Spectat0r
Left Technical Difficulties [6on6] Ph3no
Left LOLHL [Highlander] Ph3no
Joined LOLHL [Highlander] pwanda
Joined Technical Difficulties [6on6] Sineti
Left someTalent [Fun Team] Ph3no
Joined someTalent [Fun Team] LoGa -_-
Left Cabbage [6on6] Ph3no
Joined Cabbage [6on6] Nanosec_

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  1. JWB: ZENGURT - NM. said:

    doesnt have the best reputation but hes changed and is a nice guy now. give him a trial, his mechanics and gamesense are decent the main thing holding him back was his attitude. if thats changed, then he could do really well. solid pickup for any open team and could play in low too with the right teammates and guidance.

  2. BaumeisterBasti: JWB. said:

    epic dude

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