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CzechRepublic DelT

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Can play basically anything in open except medic cause it's just boring to me. I can play open soldier(i don't prefer any type of him) and open demo(I don't have any experience on demo but I like playing him in lobbies and shit cause he's not that hard lol and he's pretty enjoyable too) Also, my main 6s, scout is around low, I have 4 seasons of ETF2L as him and 3 seasons of UGC 6s (lol). Add me on steam for anything but keep in mind that this is my priorities: ETF2L HL > UGC HL > ETF2L 6s > everything else.

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  1. LackRish: TD - MONK said:

    stronk scunt

  2. kuroi: HM said:

    chill guy,good player and fine dm as scout, pick him up

  3. Dippi: Trash said:

    he is smart

  4. Blanc: JWB - CHIMPU18 said:

    ugc hl over etf2l 6s omegalul