Soldier  Open Skill, 6on6

Lithuania juup

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give me top 4 open yes

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Left Murder 1 [Fun Team] juup
Left OINK 5 [6on6] juup
Joined Murder 1 [Fun Team] KHALISTAN ZINDABAD jeven
Joined troy friend group [Highlander] Tamir
Joined OINK 5 [6on6] KHALISTAN ZINDABAD jeven
Left Murder 1 [Fun Team] Patrick
Joined Murder 1 [Fun Team] KHALISTAN ZINDABAD jeven
Left Galactic Pipes [6on6] juup
Left oh wait this is highlander [Highlander] Tamir
Joined oh wait this is highlander [Highlander] Tamir
Joined Galactic Pipes [6on6] DelT
Left Ready,Steady,Beef! [6on6] BlueBucket
Joined Ready,Steady,Beef! [6on6] BlueBucket
Left Champions [6on6] szybki_kraweznik
Left 1600surfer [1on1] juup
Joined 1600surfer [1on1] juup
Joined Champions [6on6] szybki_kraweznik
Left Painkillers [6on6] juup
Joined Painkillers [6on6] DKD
Left Black E-sports [6on6] youcef
Joined Black E-sports [6on6] youcef
Left The Epic Department [6on6] juup
Joined The Epic Department [6on6] juup
Left don't hate on anime [6on6] juup
Joined don't hate on anime [6on6] ScaryPink
Left International Damage Corporation [6on6] juup
Joined International Damage Corporation [6on6] ScaryPink
Left -Matchmaking Scrubs- [6on6] ScaryPink
Joined -Matchmaking Scrubs- [6on6] ScaryPink

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  1. juup: troy said:


  2. Baz: POUND said:


  3. sage: (ETF2L Donator) - BGF said:

    never saw him play 6s but he can jump and mge good :ok_hand:

  4. kila: KT said:

    best medic main you’ll find in whole of euro

  5. DelT: tr - CHIMPU18 said:

    Alot of mge skillz, no gamesense at all. Worth picking.

  6. KHALISTAN ZINDABAD jeven: Brexit said:

    best jumper and dmer in low

  7. t4ntrum: Cyka - KAAS said:

    great dm, will own in open

  8. KHALISTAN ZINDABAD jeven: Brexit said:

    im gettin a real feel of deja vu

  9. MoreBuckets!: DS. said:

    i still like your name.

  10. Tamir: JWB said:

    capable of winning open with the right team but has a horrible taste in map design

  11. Spreijer said:

    Give this guy a team already!

  12. Baz: POUND said:

    ^^ he plays 11 hours a day ffs

  13. BlueBucket: mario said:

    Amazing solly. If hes on a good team he will pound the enemy gamers so hard they cry irl

  14. juup: troy said:


  15. mamz said:

    He’s pretty bad tbh. I’d pick him up out of pity

  16. KHALISTAN ZINDABAD jeven: Brexit said:

    shut up mamz

  17. puistokemisti said:

    nice reserve shooter aim

  18. juup: troy said:

    ching chong do you havea da chow mein??