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Hey everyone!

Looking for a team @copenhagen 2019. I prefer playing medic but I can do everything else if ur not looking to win, but have fun

Hit me up :)

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Joined Victory Road [Highlander] c.
Left Keep It Kosher! [Highlander] BC
Joined Keep It Kosher! [Highlander] MoreBuckets!
Left Heroes and zeros [Highlander] stexer
Joined Heroes and zeros [Highlander] stexer
Left Butterfly Effect [Highlander] BC
Joined Butterfly Effect [Highlander] Cryyy
Joined Netherlands [National Highlander Team] Nightmare
Joined SNEKS [6on6] Steve
Left Vacuum Cleaner Racing Pilots [Highlander] BC
Left maLANhoeloe [LAN Team] BC
Joined Vacuum Cleaner Racing Pilots [Highlander] foungi
Left Resistance [Highlander] BC
Joined Resistance [Highlander] pyla
Left Super Dickmann's JUNIORS! [Highlander] BC
Left Fugtigt darligt lugtende frugt, Esports! [6on6] Habeef
Joined Fugtigt darligt lugtende frugt, Esports! [6on6] Habeef
Left Shield 2.0 [6on6] Habeef
Joined Shield 2.0 [6on6] Habeef
Joined Super Dickmann's JUNIORS! [Highlander] Endreo
Left Hard Knock Life KANNONEN! [6on6] SandBurn
Joined Hard Knock Life KANNONEN! [6on6] SandBurn
Left [Highlander] BC
Left Kadinsky [6on6] BC
Joined Kadinsky [6on6] ducK
Left Good players only [6on6] BC
Joined Good players only [6on6] Burken
Joined [Highlander] Derpy Hooves
Left Netherlands [National Highlander Team] BC
Left Last Ditch Effort [Fun Team] BC
Left Weederino skillos [1on1] BC
Left Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! [Highlander] SandBurn
Joined Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! [Highlander] SandBurn
Joined Weederino skillos [1on1] BC
Left The Collusive Empire [Highlander] BC
Joined maLANhoeloe [LAN Team] Spelly
Joined The Collusive Empire [Highlander] BC
Joined Last Ditch Effort [Fun Team] Ze Man
Left The Masters [Fun Team] BC
Left Backstreet Boys [6on6] BC
Left Devilz [Highlander] BC
Joined Backstreet Boys [6on6] BC
Joined Devilz [Highlander] jaegeR
Joined Netherlands [National Highlander Team] kKaltUu
Left VENI VIDI VICI [Highlander] bluR-
Joined VENI VIDI VICI [Highlander] bluR-
Left Overclocked [2on2] Jaba
Left Another Horse [6on6] BC
Joined Overclocked [2on2] Jaba
Joined The Masters [Fun Team] faded
Joined Another Horse [6on6] BC
Left brb, going ham [6on6] BC
Left Legal Factory Tactics [Highlander] Afirax
Joined Legal Factory Tactics [Highlander] Milan
Left Mad? [Highlander] Patty
Joined brb, going ham [6on6] Khaos
Joined Mad? [Highlander] Billy
Left Retired Tryhards [Highlander] BC
Joined Retired Tryhards [Highlander] BC
Left VENI VIDI VICI [Highlander] BC
Joined VENI VIDI VICI [Highlander] bluR-
Left Xenon [Highlander] BC
Joined Xenon [Highlander] BC

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