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SaudiArabia Mankind

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ولا شي في الخاطر

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Action Team By Date
Joined ucraine хуле fanclub [6on6] shock
Left yakuza ヤクザ [6on6] gona
Joined yakuza ヤクザ [6on6] Mercyless
Left Hondjo: gaeta + different african [6on6] Mankind
Joined Hondjo: gaeta + different african [6on6] hondjo
Left h0t b0ys [6on6] Mankind
Joined Saudi Arabia [National 6v6 Team] Mercyless
Joined h0t b0ys [6on6] ALAiN
Left selected. [6on6] Lek
Joined selected. [6on6] Lek
Joined Gaeta eSports: @ redwood :trihard: 7 [Highlander] Pistol.Peter98[FR]
Left Xenon [Highlander] Mankind
Left Quality Control. [6on6] Mankind
Joined Xenon [Highlander] Kimo
Left Nakedgaming [Highlander] Mankind
Joined Nakedgaming [Highlander] proky
Left Heroes and zeros [Highlander] stexer
Joined Quality Control. [6on6] Acecle
Left rip litboys [6on6] Mankind
Joined rip litboys [6on6] Klin
Left deadgaming [6on6] Mankind
Joined deadgaming [6on6] pixel
Left UBIQUITY eSport [6on6] Salva
Joined Heroes and zeros [Highlander] stexer
Left Keepo [Highlander] Mankind
Joined UBIQUITY eSport [6on6] Salva
Left deadgaming [6on6] Mankind
Joined Keepo [Highlander] Silvermaster
Left eXtremists [Highlander] Mankind
Joined deadgaming [6on6] Five baz
Left CRAZYGRILLS 6SClan [6on6] Mankind
Joined かわいい [2on2] Mankind
Left TEAM LAG [2on2] Mankind
Joined eXtremists [Highlander] Mankind
Joined CRAZYGRILLS 6SClan [6on6] Yxxo
Left deadgaming [6on6] Five baz
Joined deadgaming [6on6] Five baz
Left 666X7 [6on6] Mankind
Joined 666X7 [6on6] yugo
Left deadgaming [6on6] Mankind
Left Nakedgaming [Highlander] Mankind
Joined Nakedgaming [Highlander] Mankind
Joined TEAM LAG [2on2] Mercyless
Left weaboooos [2on2] Mankind
Joined ONE shot ONE k1ll [1on1] Mankind
Joined weaboooos [2on2] Mankind
Left eXtremists.hl [Highlander] Mankind
Joined deadgaming [6on6] Five baz
Left Can't toii with the boii [6on6] Mankind
Joined Saudi Bois [Fun Team] Mankind
Joined Can't toii with the boii [6on6] Zolith
Left eXtremists. [6on6] Mankind
Joined eXtremists.hl [Highlander] .wIckEd_
Joined eXtremists. [6on6] .wIckEd_

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  1. Mankind: kiosyka - ᵍaₑtᵃ said:


  2. KHALISTAN ZINDABAD jeves: 100 - baumesiter said:


  3. Mankind: kiosyka - ᵍaₑtᵃ said:

    لا تسلك لو سمحت

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