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hello gamers main>sub lets actually play seriously for one season

med: div1/prem, yes chief

demo/pyro: div2-1 lets go

rest: mid-div2 tbh but hey redwood let me play all these but sniper in div1

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Joined Refugee destroyers [Highlander] Dave_the_Irate
Left Tourette Briscola Tassoni Club [Highlander] dragon_slayer72
Joined Tourette Briscola Tassoni Club [Highlander] Erupo89
Left SS Disaster 5: MADMAN FEEDS [Highlander] dragon_slayer72
Joined SS Disaster 5: MADMAN FEEDS [Highlander] El chippo
Left Ugandan Pizza Police [Highlander] dragon_slayer72
Joined Buff Correll's Buff Boys [6on6] El chippo
Joined Ugandan Pizza Police [Highlander] redwood
Left Keep It Kosher! [Highlander] dragon_slayer72
Joined Keep It Kosher! [Highlander] MoreBuckets!
Left Ugandan Pizza Police [Highlander] dragon_slayer72
Left vinny doesn't use LMAOBOX [6on6] dragon_slayer72
Left Infinite Momentum #oneday [Fun Team] dragon_slayer72
Joined Ugandan Pizza Police [Highlander] redwood
Left CRAZYBWAII Clan [Highlander] dragon_slayer72
Joined CRAZYBWAII Clan [Highlander] Yxxo
Left Ugandan Pizza Police [Highlander] dragon_slayer72
Joined Ugandan Pizza Police [Highlander] redwood
Left Generic Anime [Highlander] Brian
Joined Generic Anime [Highlander] Brian
Left BRUM BRUM mr.headshot [Highlander] dragon_slayer72
Joined BRUM BRUM mr.headshot [Highlander] 31KANG
Joined vinny doesn't use LMAOBOX [6on6] chando
Left Junior Mafia [6on6] dragon_slayer72
Left High Voltage [Highlander] dragon_slayer72
Joined Junior Mafia [6on6] NYK
Left The Worst Game Ever [6on6] dragon_slayer72
Joined High Voltage [Highlander] Yxxo
Left Muffin Crunchers [Highlander] dragon_slayer72
Joined Muffin Crunchers [Highlander] sintyre
Left inVision [Highlander] dragon_slayer72
Joined The Worst Game Ever [6on6] NYK
Left Omicron eSports [6on6] dragon_slayer72
Joined Infinite Momentum #oneday [Fun Team] Spycy
Joined Omicron eSports [6on6] UltimatePopcorn.
Left PUBLICK LOW OPEN [6on6] dragon_slayer72
Joined PUBLICK LOW OPEN [6on6] Tamir
Left G-SHOCK [6on6] smky
Joined G-SHOCK [6on6] slaw
Joined LaundryModel88 [1on1] dragon_slayer72
Left [6on6] LoW
Joined [6on6] Tamir
Joined inVision [Highlander] STiNGHAN
Left Mega Force [Highlander] dragon_slayer72
Left [6on6] dragon_slayer72
Joined Mega Force [Highlander] slaw
Joined [6on6] Tamir
Left 24th and Meatballs [6on6] dragon_slayer72
Left LoL HL [Highlander] dragon_slayer72
Joined LoL HL [Highlander] Luikuri
Joined 24th and Meatballs [6on6] YeeHaw
Left A Tibid Selfcentered [Highlander] dragon_slayer72
Joined A Tibid Selfcentered [Highlander] UltimatePopcorn.
Left Gun Art [Highlander] dragon_slayer72
Joined Gun Art [Highlander] Yuval
Left The Abusement Park [Highlander] dragon_slayer72
Joined The Abusement Park [Highlander] Sky
Left Gun Art [Highlander] dragon_slayer72
Left Faggots guy by Ganon [Fun Team] Ganon
Joined Faggots guy by Ganon [Fun Team] Ganon
Joined Gun Art [Highlander] Yuval

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  1. shinso: VLHL said:

    the master of sauna

  2. dragon_slayer72: BCBB - SDCS! said:

    Bog je srpski

  3. Adje: :) said:

    cult of ivan® seal of approval

  4. MoreBuckets!: DS. said:

    pick him up he’s epic

  5. Polarium: VLHL said:

    god gamer

  6. El chippo: BCBB - SDCS! said:

    Team hello?!?!?!

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