Demoman  Mid Skill, 6on6

England Nhaaj

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Can main call and keen af, can play 7 days a week.

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Action Team By Date
Joined CAFe BLACK [6on6] Nhaaj
Left NicerGuys [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined NicerGuys [6on6] Cookie_
Left Tranquility [6on6] S+
Joined β˜† Project Horizon β˜† [Highlander] Hoxtilicious
Joined Tranquility [6on6] S+
Left newbie [Fun Team] daga
Left Global Disgrace [Highlander] Nhaaj
Joined newbie [Fun Team] daga
Left 9 Gays [Fun Team] Nhaaj
Left i yell at dogs [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined i yell at dogs [6on6] AstralConfluences
Left ZEROx. [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined ZEROx. [6on6] mAdyy
Left miss browns boys [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined Global Disgrace [Highlander] grace
Joined miss browns boys [6on6] disable
Left Whales EAT Platinum Dude!! [6on6] Nhaaj
Left Massive Legends Here [Highlander] Josh
Joined Whales EAT Platinum Dude!! [6on6] pander
Joined Massive Legends Here [Highlander] Josh
Left Tesco [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined Tesco [6on6] Niro
Left Illiterate Iguanas [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined Illiterate Iguanas [6on6] Nick
Left JWB fangirls [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined JWB fangirls [6on6] Ph3no
Left Aether [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined Aether [6on6] GENERAL ZERO
Left CAFe-sports [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined 9 Gays [Fun Team] Whip_Cactus
Joined CAFe-sports [6on6] Nhaaj
Left N U G S [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined N U G S [6on6] therealslimswayze
Left CAFe-sports [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined CAFe-sports [6on6] Nhaaj
Left vodka every death [LAN Team] Nhaaj
Left Underage Wizards United [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined Underage Wizards United [6on6] Hyipr
Left Dyslexics Untied [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined Dyslexics Untied [6on6] JellyNinja
Left eXhausted Runners [6on6] shock
Joined eXhausted Runners [6on6] shock
Left Buff Correll's Buff Boys [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined vodka every death [LAN Team] akachu
Joined Buff Correll's Buff Boys [6on6] Ant
Left limbuds fag squad [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined limbuds fag squad [6on6] Nhaaj
Left The Shaggers Club [Fun Team] Nhaaj
Left The Shaggers Club [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined The Shaggers Club [6on6] Stylax
Joined The Shaggers Club [Fun Team] Stylax
Left TT6s [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined TT6s [6on6] Roper
Left Anime babez [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined Anime babez [6on6] Nhaaj
Left SalTEeSports [6on6] Roper
Joined SalTEeSports [6on6] Roper
Left Nihilism Reborn [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined Nihilism Reborn [6on6] Nhaaj
Left Amikosaur [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined Amikosaur [6on6] toemas_

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  1. therealslimswayze: McV - [MB] said:

    he’s a pretty good spy too, would recommend :)

  2. AstralConfluences: yell @ dog - [email protected] said:

    hes actually fucking mad insane, pick him up

  3. Blobchap: McV - [MB] said:

    very confident main caller, great demo and a required asset to your team pick this boi up

  4. Stylax: SHAG said:

    Bellend for sending me his rec post and no idea how good he is currently as its been a year or so since we played , but a good lad so would recommend.

  5. Aaron: SHAG said:

    I say what I want out of my free will, without being payed, forced or in any other way influenced.

    big^ to this big lad for being big. And paying me big. And sending me his rec post.

    Sponsored by NhaajTM

    Decent guy whos keen tho.

  6. JWB: ZENGURT - B) said:



    rec post

    yeah why do u send it to me lol?

    comment smth

    i’ll comment something

  7. Stylax: SHAG said:

    Aaron thinks paid is spelt ‘payed’ trololololol. Silly moo

  8. dino: SHAG said:

    I have no idea what to write, but he’s prolly gotten better since I last played with him

  9. Sam: Paf! 3.0 - A3CDBL2 said:

    a millisecond is 1/1000s

  10. disable said:

    pick him up he is v good

  11. joe the brave: (Newswriter) said:

    was on the i63 finals stream a lot

  12. JWB: ZENGURT - B) said:

    Is decent I guess but dont make any mistakes in game he will scream at you

  13. Niro: ZOMBO said:

    Pick 😀 this πŸ‘ guy 🀠 up β˜πŸ˜œπŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦

  14. ddf said:

    Ok demo but should control more his emotions during games

  15. Lucky: RUSH - doge said:

    Pretty good demo, very willing to improve, this guy needs a team to thrive in with the correct attitude to the game, can indeed hold doors and controls the pace of the game well. Give this guy a good home and he’ll treat you right.

  16. gatsan: CP said:

    underappreciated, he knows what hes talkin about and a strong caller. just needs to defeat the Ammomod Guardian Lords before he establishes his position as King Of Low/Mid Players

  17. Absent: BaB - KIIIM said:

    he’s an ok minecraft main

  18. BlueBucket: mario said:

    Pick this man if you want to win mid

  19. Nhaaj: BLK. - β˜† PH β˜† said: