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Italy Sprasty

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Hai my friends, new rec post just to let you know I'm still *kinda* looking for a ugc team as main, not gonna be able to play S17, so I want this to be Last season as main before I go on vacations, thank you very much :o

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined entro dropdown esco godz [6on6] Godz Ares
Left Sora Elektro [6on6] Sprasty
Joined Sora Elektro [6on6] domiq
Left OMEGA [6on6] Sprasty
Joined Divinely Celestials [Highlander] smoogle
Left otoINSTINCT Clan [Highlander] Nati0nal
Joined otoINSTINCT Clan [Highlander] Nati0nal
Left Nico e i sardi [Fun Team] Sprasty
Left Roper eSports [Highlander] Sprasty
Joined Nico e i sardi [Fun Team] Godz Ares
Left ItalianBottomScorers [Fun Team] Sprasty
Left Kyron eSports [LAN Team] Sprasty
Joined OMEGA [6on6] Nati0nal
Left Pre-emptive Dab [6on6] Sprasty
Joined Roper eSports [Highlander] Roper
Joined Kyron eSports [LAN Team] Morgan
Joined ItalianBottomScorers [Fun Team] smoogle
Joined Pre-emptive Dab [6on6] CanRuf
Left Birbs [2on2] Sprasty
Left Ice Hotel [6on6] Sprasty
Joined Ice Hotel [6on6] Morgan
Left Kyron eSports [Highlander] Sprasty
Left The Agency [Fun Team] Sprasty
Joined Birbs [2on2] smoogle
Left Low Open Lawyers [6on6] Sprasty
Joined Low Open Lawyers [6on6] Ike
Left Hipy Deers [6on6] Sprasty
Joined Hipy Deers [6on6] smoogle
Joined Kyron eSports [Highlander] Morgan
Left Greta Menchi esports [Highlander] Sprasty
Joined Italy [National Highlander Team] BeS
Left eZ drop [6on6] Sprasty
Joined eZ drop [6on6] Al3
Left Low Open Lawyers [6on6] Sprasty
Left I Lukkini [2on2] Sprasty
Joined I Lukkini [2on2] smoogle
Joined Greta Menchi esports [Highlander] Gegia
Left Kyron eSports [Highlander] Sprasty
Joined Kyron eSports [Highlander] Morgan
Left Final Frontier [Highlander] Sprasty
Joined Final Frontier [Highlander] MrBliss
Left Team Amaze-Balls v3 [Highlander] Donny
Joined Team Amaze-Balls v3 [Highlander] Donny
Left Sophisticated Horseman's Idiocy Tribe [Highlander] Sprasty
Joined Sophisticated Horseman's Idiocy Tribe [Highlander] Donny
Left Kitchen heroes [Highlander] Sprasty
Joined Kitchen heroes [Highlander] Unii
Left Salty n' Retards [Highlander] Sprasty
Joined Salty n' Retards [Highlander] Cosmon
Left Section 9 [Highlander] Hannibal The Snowman
Joined Low Open Lawyers [6on6] Ike
Joined Section 9 [Highlander] Lek
Left Victory Road [Highlander] Sprasty
Joined Victory Road [Highlander] sasami
Left #ripdadream [Highlander] Sprasty
Joined The Agency [Fun Team] Chronos
Left Crown Hunter [Fun Team] Sprasty
Joined Crown Hunter [Fun Team] Satan
Left crowns hunters [Fun Team] Sprasty
Joined crowns hunters [Fun Team] maaaahmoud
Left Nine stars (not so political) movement [Fun Team] Sprasty
Joined Nine stars (not so political) movement [Fun Team] sasami
Joined #ripdadream [Highlander] Jugger
Left Nerf Original pls [Highlander] Sprasty
Joined Nerf Original pls [Highlander] Jugger
Left Factory Newbies [Highlander] Sprasty
Joined Factory Newbies [Highlander] Sprasty
Left Blast And Cast [Highlander] Sprasty
Joined Blast And Cast [Highlander] Sprasty
Left Chicers [Highlander] Sprasty
Joined Chicers [Highlander] Sprasty

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  1. smoogle said:

    Great calllouts :p, really kind and calm person.
    Still a good aim with amby, worth a trial at least!

  2. scar: LawLess said:

    Perfecto buddy, most kind guy in the world

  3. mattikus: IHOT - PitO. said:


  4. MoreBuckets!: POUNDBLACK - ✡KOSHER!✡ said:

    tttMoreBuckets!: POUNDBLACK – ✡Kosher!✡ said:
    Wed 30 May 2018, 14:07

    MoreBuckets!: NW said:
    Fri 25 May 2018, 19:46


  5. shinso: 10⁻¹⁵ - VLHL said:

    shinso: 10⁻¹⁵ – VLHL said:

    Sat 9 Apr 2016, 18:11

    Spy that’s full of potential, trial him.

  6. Ace: cock - VR said:

    sub del VR 9

  7. messy said:

    too nice for this world
    nuts spy

  8. Adje: BROWN said:

    too pure of a person for his own good probably
    has lots of potential and is super keen, can grow a lot with the right team

  9. Dandere: moi said:

    amazing spy, lovely human being, gorgeous italian :3

  10. deli: GODRAF said:

    clean spy and the kinddest man on earth

  11. Roper said:


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