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Finland Leif

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Action Team By Date
Joined International House of Tilt [6on6] mattikus
Joined Pizzaz in the Oven [Highlander] lybon
Left Double Upload [Highlander] Phlogic
Joined Double Upload [Highlander] Phlogic
Left Divinely Celestials [Highlander] smoogle
Joined Divinely Celestials [Highlander] smoogle
Left Ugandan Pizza Police [Highlander] redwood
Joined Ugandan Pizza Police [Highlander] redwood
Left Dignity Zero [Highlander] Leif
Joined Dignity Zero [Highlander] MrBliss
Left Victory Road [Highlander] sasami
Joined Victory Road [Highlander] AustinN
Left SENSATION [Highlander] Leif
Joined SENSATION [Highlander] Dave_the_Irate
Left Team Colonslash: Ambition [Highlander] Leif
Joined Team Colonslash: Ambition [Highlander] Flow.
Joined Calm Your Oppai [Fun Team] Leif
Left The (fake) Bureau [Highlander] Leif
Left Less Than Three [6on6] Leif
Joined Less Than Three [6on6] Chronos
Left !bcheck !brekt [6on6] Leif
Joined The (fake) Bureau [Highlander] RTC
Joined !bcheck !brekt [6on6] Piney
Left Mad? [Highlander] Akwilon
Joined Mad? [Highlander] JoeTea
Left FinGin Ja Pojat [Highlander] Leif
Joined FinGin Ja Pojat [Highlander] FinGin

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  1. JuN: Cat - PitO. said:

    +rep, very good at shooting people a lot with heavy weapons man

  2. mattikus: IHOT - PitO. said:

    +rep 97% sandwich throw accuracy

  3. Morgan: NASA - VLHL said:

    mr substance abuse

  4. CeeJaey: (The MvM Guy) - Gaston - S-O said:

    top lad

  5. shinso: 10⁻¹⁵ - VLHL said:

    Carries in casual

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