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Portugal roboprod

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Looking for a team to play roamer primarily, pocket as alternative due to my d2 team being placed in mid, it died and would like to get my game on with some other good gamers

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Left habibigogame [6on6] roboprod
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Left The Culture [6on6] roboprod
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Left boshy+6 [6on6] roboprod
Joined boshy+6 [6on6] tXX
Left BtW we're mid [6on6] roboprod
Joined BtW we're mid [6on6] 30.06
Left Epitome of gameplay [6on6] roboprod
Left Sorrow Realm [Highlander] roboprod
Joined Epitome of gameplay [6on6] roboprod
Left Cabbage [6on6] roboprod
Joined Sorrow Realm [Highlander] tesseract
Left Xork: Guys, push [Highlander] roboprod
Joined Cabbage [6on6] Xorkilicious
Left Mr Bean eSports [6on6] roboprod
Joined Mr Bean eSports [6on6] Yohn
Left Kaiser [6on6] roboprod
Joined Xork: Guys, push [Highlander] planck
Left Team Absinto [Highlander] roboprod
Left lolhl [Fun Team] planck
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  1. 30.06 said:

    Real gamer

  2. YeeHaw: THEORIST - doge said:

    t he queen is back

  3. mlodzier said:

    Thia guy shows me how to rollout on maps and how to play in etf2l, basically the legend pick him up asap

  4. tXX: _____iwate - VR said:

    Help this man reach prem asap

  5. Albertt said:

    Me not in the team = death.
    Gay af but ricardo is a good guy

  6. Spanns: _____iwate - WCS said:

    keen and has alot of potencial

  7. Kars: CLARTED - KAAS said:


  8. Liko: POUND said:

    pro gameage