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Well, seems like Divider just wanted to quit anything without a notice (or whatever, who knows) – meaning I am looking for a new team.

I would prefer to play div1, but div2 would be okay too, as long as the team has a fair chance of winning.
I personally would like a main spot more, but depending on the team I would also be fine with a sub spot.

For those who know nothing about me, feel free to check out logs if you think they are significant.
Some other points:
• I am almost always available
• I don't need to win but enjoyable games would be appreciated
• I would like a maincalling heavy / demo
• Before joining any team I would like a trial
• My German accent can be quite heavy should that annoy you

If you want to add me leave a comment here or on my Steam profile because the chance of me missing an add on steam is rather high.

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Left fortnite funny moments vol. 541 [Fun Team] Barthiz
Joined fortnite funny moments vol. 541 [Fun Team] Barthiz
Left Aryan Nation [Fun Team] Jack
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  1. stexer: CHIMPU18 said:

    +good medic
    +++german accent

  2. Atlas said:

    friendly dude and great med

  3. samii said:

    Ef2l is the way for you

  4. mental: 46DPM - ƘƛƝƘЄƦƁOƳƧ said:

    Great guy deserves a great team.

  5. Barthiz: TBC said:

    is german and plays the german. dont you think its good enough already
    serious now; is a good medic from what i’ve played with him and agaisnt him.

  6. smrk: BOG - -=LMDP=- said:


  7. shinso: [MWA] - VLHL said:

    pretty good gamer, would recommend

  8. Jack: GD - -=LMDP=- said:

    still looking, now probably also more okay with being sub considering the lack of main spots

  9. dark skinned average iq individual: NUKE - 3' said:

    R E S P A W N E D