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Sweden Snowyboye

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Henlo, looking for a playoffs open/low/mid team, can play anything in top open/top low, can do soldier/heavy/pyro/engie/scout in top mid

Also looking for a UGC top steel or top silver team, sub>main because my 6s team scrims a nice bit.

I'm currently playing with a bit of a poverty PC, getting 30-40fps in HL but that is going to change very soon, upgrading my PC and getting a 144hz monitor so I will frag very hard yes

Can maincall btw, very vocal

Subbed for pizzaz in the oven in mid, got 3rd place, looking to get more cool medals

Add me for trials =

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Left No Littering [Fun Team] Aoshi
Left No Littering [6on6] Aoshi
Left Pizza time [Highlander] Aoshi
Joined No Littering [6on6] Snowyboye
Joined Pizza time [Highlander] mattikus
Joined No Littering [Fun Team] Kurakao

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  1. nekro: off? - RIX said:

    Pounds in 6s so you can be sure he’ll pound in hl.

  2. Tamir: JWB - troy said:

    i would give him a good comment but im not sure which snow is which anymore

  3. Snowyboye said:

    honestly very relatable^^

  4. toco said:

    Massive fragger with a large cranium, deserves a 1st place team

  5. azemazer: HM said:

    brainiac, socializer, skilled: you want him

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