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Denmark sintyre

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hey bois
my focus is on 6s but i'd like to sub medic, engi and pyro in div2/div1.
keen and positive always :)

(most might know me as corrsinT)

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  1. Piney said:

    Has never truely been away, just went through years of training in (m̶v̶m̶ )a cave until she came out the strongest gamer.

    Will pound, pick up

  2. VoidTrinity: :) said:

    Great gamer, may have been out of service for a bit, but never has lost the touch.

  3. Blanc: JWB - VLHL said:

    she is so strong good pickup for any team.

  4. counou: FAINT - :) said:

    why wouldn't you

  5. FTH: Cyka said:


  6. sintyre: idd. - TBC said:

    thx guys!

  7. sek: woofwoof - SDCK said:

    maith go leor

  8. caiz said:

    good player,person pick now

  9. sintyre: idd. - TBC said:


  10. sintyre: idd. - TBC said:


  11. KHALISTAN ZINDABAD jeven: o5. - dab said:

    nice person

  12. KHALISTAN ZINDABAD jeven: o5. - dab said:

    div 1 medic, pick up asap

  13. Vouri: CLARTED - inv said:

    classic player

  14. seeds: SVIFT - -chess- said:

    keen bean

  15. Cookie_: Yikes - ☆ PH ☆ said:


  16. sintyre: idd. - TBC said: