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France Nawan

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Just came back from a trip, can play demo at mid level and solly/scout at low level.
Looking for a sub spot but maybe a main spot if im feeling the team.

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Left Stonks Meme Department [Fun Team] mkk
Left Stonks [Highlander] Mr.XxX
Left Stonks [6on6] mkk
Joined Stonks [6on6] mkk
Joined Stonks Meme Department [Fun Team] mkk
Left Cool and Nice [6on6] Nawan
Joined Cool and Nice [6on6] logcom
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Joined Safezone [6on6] Tarek
Left Nawan +5 bullies [6on6] Nawan
Joined scrim me 1v1 [1on1] Nawan
Joined Nawan +5 bullies [6on6] Nawan
Left IT'S [email protected] BEDTIME!!! [6on6] Nawan
Joined IT'S [email protected] BEDTIME!!! [6on6] MoreBuckets!
Joined Stonks [Highlander] Mr.XxX
Left UgCatz [Highlander] Nawan
Left Punctuation Obliteration [6on6] Nawan
Joined Punctuation Obliteration [6on6] Spoar121
Left Le Squad [6on6] Nawan
Joined Le Squad [6on6] Taco Panda
Left Bedo [6on6] Nawan
Joined Bedo [6on6] Tenno
Joined UgCatz [Highlander] MatTj
Left {TopHat} [6on6] Nawan
Joined {TopHat} [6on6] madhead200
Left Sacreblu [6on6] Nawan
Joined Sacreblu [6on6] Cuby
Left Dirty Dan's Camera Crew [6on6] Nawan
Joined Dirty Dan's Camera Crew [6on6] macdeath
Left Artimek [Highlander] Nawan
Left PlatinumPubPlayers [6on6] Nawan
Joined Artimek [Highlander] Purple
Left Saturday Morning Memers [Highlander] Nawan
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  1. scar said:

    give this madman a team

  2. Nawan: POUNDBLACK said:


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