Scout  Mid Skill, 6on6

England Jamie c:

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flank or pocket scout, don't mind which. Would also play top low on p scout depending on the people.

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Joined Homos From Holland [6on6] Mike Rotch
Left We don't care [6on6] Jamie c:
Joined We don't care [6on6] Silvermaster
Left dunno yet [6on6] Jamie c:
Joined dunno yet [6on6] Jamie c:
Left The Jens Weber Society [6on6] Tamir
Joined The Jens Weber Society [6on6] Tamir
Left The Jens Weber Society [6on6] Jamie c:
Joined The Jens Weber Society [6on6] BaumeisterBasti
Left Last Minute Mix [6on6] Jamie c:
Joined Last Minute Mix [6on6] kodeeey
Left Dyslexics Untied [6on6] Jamie c:
Joined Dyslexics Untied [6on6] JellyNinja
Left Boosted Bonobos [6on6] Jamie c:
Joined Boosted Bonobos [6on6] Marshy
Left Epipslon eSprots [6on6] Jamie c:
Joined Epipslon eSprots [6on6] Marshy
Left The Compound [6on6] Jamie c:
Joined The Compound [6on6] Storm
Left KING RAMASES [Highlander] Jamie c:
Left prolands cup ex dee [Fun Team] Jamie c:
Left Poundland [6on6] Jamie c:
Joined KING RAMASES [Highlander] Hannes
Left Throwyotech 2.0 [Highlander] Jamie c:
Joined Poundland [6on6] tiram
Joined prolands cup ex dee [Fun Team] Ascend
Left Donny rats [Fun Team] Jamie c:
Left Five Scrubs and a Furry [6on6] moths
Joined Throwyotech 2.0 [Highlander] 96drum
Joined Five Scrubs and a Furry [6on6] moths
Left Weedmaps eSports [6on6] Jamie c:
Joined Weedmaps eSports [6on6] Ascend
Left Digital Rocketry Enthusiasts [6on6] Jamie c:
Joined Digital Rocketry Enthusiasts [6on6] Freud
Left Twitch Chat [6on6] Jamie c:
Joined Donny rats [Fun Team] bjorn the moose
Joined Twitch Chat [6on6] bjorn the moose

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  1. HOI: POUND - Muscles said:

    MY BOI
    has the DPS of a helicopter and isn’t afraid to use it

  2. MoreBuckets!: Hallo? said:

    great gamer

  3. shock: STiNG said:

    can slam kids with right people

  4. Hannes: ..d1ck - Muscles said:

    Actual nonce, he and his buttbuddies get 73 dpm in officials, yikes mcgee. Over and out.