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Portugal Wild_Piggie

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I am looking for a team as either the scout or the medic class (best mechanics in the southwest).
Sub is ok too.

Will be on holiday from the 18th til september.

One love.

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  1. shinso: [MWA] - VLHL said:

    the portuguese ASSASSINO

  2. Adje: TBA said:

    makes the best ultiduo maps

  3. Qohen said:

    best pyro in the west

  4. Tamir: JWB. - COGU said:

    if god was portuguese it would be him

  5. tXX: _____iwate - VR said:

    Noob med good scout

  6. FTH said:

    Big brain on both classes

  7. Spanns: WCS said:

    good lad

  8. Fire: WCS said:

    V i d e o g a m e r

  9. Kaelan Frey said:


  10. Kaelan Frey said:

    very good gamer

  11. 31: STB - pizza said:

    cheiras mal 2

  12. Yxxo: STB - JOEYO said:

    God on scout