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UnitedKingdom jimb0t

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Going to lan need a team will play anything but would prefer demo/med in good team thanks ty :D

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Joined LANIMALS [LAN Team] Miju
Joined Ora Elektro [6on6] celvn
Left Weebtunnel Tactics [6on6] jimb0t
Left Tourettes Frenchclub [Highlander] cobz
Joined The Shaggers Club [Fun Team] Stylax
Left Windtunnel Tactics [Fun Team] jimb0t
Joined Tourettes Frenchclub [Highlander] Synrise
Left Stacked [Highlander] b33p
Joined Weebtunnel Tactics [6on6] Bloodis
Left TROUT [6on6] jimb0t
Joined TROUT [6on6] jimb0t
Left Damn, Karina! [6on6] jimb0t
Joined Stacked [Highlander] b33p
Left the meme council (brits) [Highlander] jimb0t
Joined Damn, Karina! [6on6] .kr4tos
Left Peril Puppies [6on6] D!
Joined Peril Puppies [6on6] D!
Left MemeTech® Industries [6on6] jimb0t
Joined the meme council (brits) [Highlander] Drackk
Joined MemeTech® Industries [6on6] spudd
Left المزاح الأساسي [6on6] jimb0t
Joined المزاح الأساسي [6on6] Zesty
Left Fucking Machine [6on6] jimb0t
Joined Fucking Machine [6on6] screwb
Left Dodging Bullets [6on6] jimb0t
Left Devilz [Highlander] jaegeR
Joined Devilz [Highlander] jaegeR
Left The Kirmani Family [Highlander] jimb0t
Joined Dodging Bullets [6on6] doks
Left Optic Gaming [6on6] jimb0t
Joined Optic Gaming [6on6] Scissors
Left Cracka Lakas [6on6] jimb0t
Joined The Kirmani Family [Highlander] jimb0t
Joined Cracka Lakas [6on6] D!
Left [team intensifies] [6on6] jimb0t
Joined [team intensifies] [6on6] jimb0t
Left Windtunnel Tactics [6on6] jimb0t
Joined Windtunnel Tactics [Fun Team] Fishage
Left SMG Warriors [Highlander] jimb0t
Joined SMG Warriors [Highlander] iatgink
Joined UKRoamerScene2013 [2on2] jimb0t
Joined Windtunnel Tactics [6on6] jimb0t

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  1. Yohn: TBC said:

    Nevo: jimbot is the best demo in the entire fucking world

  2. Ignis: CMPD said:

    epic :D

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