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hi (BOTH 6V6 + HL)

I quit a while back for many reasons but i think these 2 were the biggest:
– Late shift impeded scrims (I -could- make 21 cet scrims.. just, but it was a pain)
– I have shitty, ADSL broadband (no fiber RIP)
Playing anything is no fun when all of a sudden, 800 pingspikes! Oh what's that, you want to __surf__ that rocket? lolnope
Oh wait, you popped uber? *internet takes 2 seconds and I drop and then I time-out*
ANYWAY so my shitty tiny village now has a fiber exchange and we (my house) are due to get fiber in the month SOOOOO i can now play videohuegos.
And also i'm on a morning shift for the forseeable future yay

Aim is to play next season, open or mid idc, I can't really maincall pushes and holds but I can keep ubers and stuff. I'm rusty, and will take a game or 2 to get back up to speed. I've got a lot of experience but it's all interspersed and has loads of gaps and tbh I should be way better with what my etf2l history suggests

I can start trying-out when we have fiber, I'm gonna say end of July

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  1. Morgan: LastBoss - VLHL said:

    very good.

  2. Kraken: is dtf - ƘƛƝƘЄƦƁOƳƧ said:

    really cool guy to play with, good friend and strong medic. think low mid would be best suited since anything below that is too far below his skill. would be surprised if callum played open

  3. cherryrendezvous said:

    calum with good internet? im gonna need my inhaler

  4. Georgebaii said:


  5. crazycalumrock said:



  6. samii said:


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