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Latvia LocoSyndrom

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Would join as a sub engie as I'm not really into the game lately, but if you suddenly need an additional construction worker in roster it's up to you. Don't rely too much on me, although I'm sure I could join in a few games. It's summer after all.
Can speak both English and Russian, by the way.

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Action Team By Date
Left Divinely Celestials [Highlander] smoogle
Joined Divinely Celestials [Highlander] smoogle
Left fake taxi [Highlander] LocoSyndrom
Joined fake taxi [Highlander] ElRWHawko
Left Sober Bear [Highlander] LocoSyndrom
Joined Sober Bear [Highlander] Emperor_Protect
Left 2REASONS [Highlander] LocoSyndrom
Joined 2REASONS [Highlander] lagwka
Left Marlboro&0xota [6on6] LocoSyndrom
Joined Marlboro&0xota [6on6] c1
Left Chillout Gaming [6on6] LocoSyndrom
Joined Chillout Gaming [6on6] CreatiVe
Left Marlboro&0xota [Highlander] LocoSyndrom
Left Marlboro&0xota [6on6] Miku Payne
Joined Marlboro&0xota [6on6] LocoSyndrom
Left /Autism/ [6on6] LocoSyndrom
Joined Marlboro&0xota [Highlander] LocoSyndrom
Joined /Autism/ [6on6] LocoSyndrom
Left Myata [6on6] LocoSyndrom
Left TFach [Highlander] Carlos Kaiser
Left L&L [2on2] LocoSyndrom
Joined TFach [Highlander] LocoSyndrom
Left Myata [Highlander] LocoSyndrom
Joined L&L [2on2] LocoSyndrom
Joined Myata [Highlander] LocoSyndrom
Left SPUDRO SPARDE [Highlander] No_Hope
Joined Myata [6on6] LocoSyndrom
Left SPUDRO SPADRE [6on6] OP weapon master
Joined SPUDRO SPADRE [6on6] LocoSyndrom
Joined SPUDRO SPARDE [Highlander] LocoSyndrom

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