Spy  High/Mid Skill, Highlander

Russia Magistr

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Joined Foxygen [Highlander] nenastoyashee
Left EF2L kanker #Recovering [Highlander] Magistr
Joined EF2L kanker #Recovering [Highlander] samii
Left Basketball Nogoy [Highlander] Magistr
Joined Neko Team [6on6] Sighel
Left The Poles +3 [6on6] Magistr
Joined The Poles +3 [6on6] Kravech_xd
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Joined 21cm [6on6] Ritz
Joined Basketball Nogoy [Highlander] Ritz
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  1. samii: ..d1ck - EF2L said:


  2. aychi: poets - Despacito said:

    big boy

  3. Magistr: N.T - fxgn² said:


  4. Ceno: =BI said:

    can do mid but not high

  5. MoreBuckets!: NW - Despacito said:

    I don’t get it why he bumps his post every 10 hours..

    But besides that, He can do mid but i don’t really sure he fits into top mid, but should get some trials at least

  6. Magistr: N.T - fxgn² said:


  7. Baclan: zgd - EDO said:


  8. MoreBuckets!: NW - Despacito said:

    I don’t get it why he bumps his post every 10 hours..

  9. Magistr: N.T - fxgn² said:

    b u m p e d

  10. blayze: =BI said:


  11. DONN1Y: kaban said:

    magistr lft: Маркер, дай убер

  12. Nightmare: LvG - RG? said:

    @morebuckets, don’t call other people unsuited for top mid when you’re a top open/low mid scout

    @magistr, should be good for mid but focus a bit more on gun usage, le’tranger is great for knifespy but I recommend using the revolver/amby more, having good gun usage will allow you to get more picks that you wouldn’t be able to get with just the knife.

  13. sun said:

    also don’t keep going for trickstabs and focus on getting timed-backstabes x.x

  14. Magistr: N.T - fxgn² said:


  15. Ritz: 21 - BBN said:

    редкостный даун +rep

  16. Sketis eks de: VR said:

    good player but not better than sketis ofc

  17. Magistr: N.T - fxgn² said:

    sketis is between mid and prem bot not high hoho

  18. Magistr: N.T - fxgn² said:

    still looking

  19. Magistr: N.T - fxgn² said:

    b u m р e d

  20. Magistr: N.T - fxgn² said:

    kanker is gay, still looking

  21. Crytek315 said:

    Hello я из россии

  22. Crytek315 said:

    как мне мне вступить к вам

  23. mezzo: Clownz. - op_sqd said:

    lower your sens bro

  24. slowtown: ..d1ck said:

    @Crytek315 напиши так же как и автор этого поста объявление на поиск хай/мид команды с 0 игр выше опена, жди больше месяца и ты обязательно вступишь в достойную команду