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European Arunir

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looking for big gamage

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined ..d1cks out for lan [LAN Team] Gen
Joined THE JOE ZONE [6on6] JoeN
Joined triple deluxe fedora [Fun Team] Arunir
Joined Fat Cats [2on2] Arunir
Left Fat Cats [6on6] Arunir
Joined Fat Cats [6on6] Arunir
Left Fresh Tapirs [Fun Team] Arunir
Left Two Tapirs [2on2] Arunir
Left Roskilde [6on6] Arunir
Joined nagle: Wow, swag [Highlander] Hampe
Left Tryhard Tapirs [Highlander] Arunir
Joined Roskilde [6on6] Crad
Left Vsauce enthusiasts [6on6] Arunir
Joined Tryhard Tapirs [Highlander] meh
Joined Vsauce enthusiasts [6on6] meh
Left Vsauce enthusiasts [6on6] meh
Joined Vsauce enthusiasts [6on6] meh
Left Roskilde [6on6] Arunir
Joined Arunir [1on1] Arunir
Left contact @Arunir_is_gay [Highlander] Arunir
Joined Fresh Tapirs [Fun Team] Crad
Joined contact @Arunir_is_gay [Highlander] Hampe
Joined Roskilde [6on6] Pseudo
Left iBEEFPOWER [6on6] Crad
Joined Two Tapirs [2on2] Crad
Joined iBEEFPOWER [6on6] Georgebaii
Left Useless Fucks [6on6] Arunir
Joined Useless Fucks [6on6] Sad Face
Left Accme [6on6] Arunir
Left Salty Gamers [Highlander] Zeluboba
Joined Salty Gamers [Highlander] olav
Joined Accme [6on6] Arunir

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