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Israel MoreBuckets!

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Open/Decent low team mabye?


Pocket scout please
apparently my team don't really want me to play

i wanna expirience the first season in 6's i played my seasons in hl

i don't really want teams that are completely new unless they are mature and know how to play

ik the callouts and i can offclass
Sniper and Pyro mostly but i can offclass everything if you want

Mumble>discord but idm


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  1. stexer: .Qc` - SS D5 said:

    This dude looks for many teams

  2. BAX: NW said:

    really nice dude with good dm. open will be too easy for him with the right team frfr
    keen af and a reliable nikka

    somebody give this boi a new home

    lehitraot yung baller

  3. MoreBuckets!: Bz. said:


    Auf wiedersehen Bax was a pleasure to play with you m8 B)

  4. matarazzi: NW said:

    very dedicated to the game and always available to play.