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Finland ollitf

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Last post died. Still on the lookout.

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Joined TORPEDO [Highlander] AlesKee
Joined SHLONK [6on6] kryma
Left Kokkolan Kokemukselliset Koksukekkerit [6on6] ollitf
Left Weed Cake Sellers [Highlander] ollitf
Joined Weed Cake Sellers [Highlander] Fire
Left Refugee destroyers [Highlander] ollitf
Joined Kokkolan Kokemukselliset Koksukekkerit [6on6] Dragonce
Left Home Bargains shoplifters [6on6] ollitf
Joined Home Bargains shoplifters [6on6] Dave_the_Irate
Left MGE olli [1on1] ollitf
Joined MGE olli [1on1] ollitf
Left what im i doing [1on1] ollitf
Joined what im i doing [1on1] ollitf
Joined Refugee destroyers [Highlander] Dave_the_Irate
Left SS. Disaster [Fun Team] ollitf
Left Weed Cake Sellers [Highlander] ollitf
Joined Weed Cake Sellers [Highlander] Fire
Left Section 9 [Highlander] Hannibal The Snowman
Joined Section 9 [Highlander] Lek
Joined SS. Disaster [Fun Team] El chippo
Left 9-gents [Highlander] ollitf
Joined 9-gents [Highlander] Piarn
Left Ice-Meme Sundae [Highlander] ollitf
Joined Ice-Meme Sundae [Highlander] Josh

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  1. mezzo: nufcZONE - JOEYO said:

    prem material

  2. El chippo: GINYU - SDCS! said:

  3. Vetle: Lucrosa said:

    King Olli of the rock

  4. Piro: tri_prsta - WCS said:

    gamer (big)

  5. Adje: tri_prsta - TORPEDO said:

    more fins = more wins

  6. samii: ╾━╤デ╦︻ - Ҝ卂几Ҝ乇尺 said:

    king of rock + sentry buster ? 😉

  7. ollitf: TORPEDO said:


  8. MoreBuckets!: ✡KOSHER!✡ said:

    Don’t make it die get him ffs

  9. denkra: (XD ͜ʖXD) - WCS said:

    get him a team ffs

  10. cloudy: S-O said:

    deserves to be top prem

  11. Canlock: 100 - Ҝ卂几Ҝ乇尺 said:

    god himself

  12. Mr British: hlpugs said:

    how no team?

  13. redlix: Phoenix S. said:

    G – Generalist
    O – on
    D – Damage