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Portugal LilCute

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Help me i want out of this, they are mean :(

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Joined Heroes and zeros [Highlander] DigyB
Left Complete Guesswork [Highlander] LilCute
Joined Xypher [6on6] Snow
Left Secret Squad [6on6] LilCute
Joined Secret Squad [6on6] Spanns
Left Spy Boys [6on6] LilCute
Joined Spy Boys [6on6] dempsey
Left Porg E-Sports [6on6] LilCute
Joined Porg E-Sports [6on6] Dowel
Left Aftereffect [6on6] LilCute
Joined Aftereffect [6on6] LilCute
Left Spirit Raccoons [6on6] LilCute
Joined Complete Guesswork [Highlander] Deki
Left Mossy Spirit Raccoon Benis [Highlander] LilCute
Joined I'm Portuguese lmao [2on2] Biohazard
Left StyX. UltiDuo [2on2] LilCute
Joined Shivering Maniacs [Fun Team] Lowenzahn
Joined Mossy Spirit Raccoon Benis [Highlander] Sketis
Joined Spirit Raccoons [6on6] Lowenzahn
Left Bears with Shades [6on6] Zoey
Joined Bears with Shades [6on6] Zoey
Left teleaphies [6on6] LilCute
Joined teleaphies [6on6] WR
Left Bullet!Club [6on6] LilCute
Joined Bullet!Club [6on6] Mattcraftpt
Left [6on6] credu
Joined [6on6] credu
Left Rekdtube [6on6] LilCute
Left Drop the Vase dv6>dv4 [Highlander] Sn0w
Joined Rekdtube [6on6] POltron
Left StyX [6on6] LilCute
Joined Drop the Vase dv6>dv4 [Highlander] Easyo.O
Left Zé Pixotas [Highlander] LilCute
Joined Zé Pixotas [Highlander] qwarK
Joined StyX. UltiDuo [2on2] Kaelan Frey
Joined StyX [6on6] LilCute
Left Booyah [6on6] LilCute
Joined Booyah [6on6] LilCute

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  1. Biohazard: woofwoof - HZ said:

    Become extinct

  2. Lowenzahn: woofwoof - COGU said:

    poor kid is getting bullied, please give him a good home, he will make you proud

  3. Dowel: PORG - COGU said:

    Aelkyr Is better

  4. Deki: woofwoof - COGU said:

    sending positive reinforcements

  5. narkkari: VR said:

    mans won me 66 keys, u better be paying attention to this kid, solid

  6. domiq: Sora⚡️ - COGU said:

    sub for us :^)

  7. Jamie said:

    why open doe

  8. Spanns: REMOVE - WCS said: