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Russia RAMA

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Projectile main from Russian Federation is looking for team (both of sub or main role)
Russian or EU – doesn't matter.

P.S. I am multiclass player for 6s, so feel free to trial me on any other roles.

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left Keepo [Highlander] Silvermaster
Joined The Ruins of a Nation! [6on6] CoppyZ
Left zgd+5 [6on6] RAMA
Joined zgd+5 [6on6] Baclan
Left LearningEnglishWithPatonki [6on6] RAMA
Left ne [Fun Team] RAMA
Joined ne [Fun Team] zgd
Joined Keepo [Highlander] Snajper
Left What the problem [Fun Team] RAMA
Left pok :> [Highlander] RAMA
Joined LearningEnglishWithPatonki [6on6] Menkab
Left DejaVu [6on6] RAMA
Joined DejaVu [6on6] zgd
Left Last To Spec [6on6] RAMA
Joined pok :> [Highlander] nmiecoaw
Left ~The Fugitives~ [Highlander] RAMA
Joined ~The Fugitives~ [Highlander] m0x
Left pok :> [Highlander] RAMA
Joined pok :> [Highlander] nmiecoaw
Left Dream Team [Highlander] RAMA
Joined Last To Spec [6on6] Tea
Joined Hip-Hop [1on1] RAMA
Left Toa Mata/Nuva [6on6] RAMA
Joined Dream Team [Highlander] Jesus 420
Joined Toa Mata/Nuva [6on6] Hugo
Left 2MPM)) [6on6] RAMA
Joined What the problem [Fun Team] Silvermaster
Joined 2MPM)) [6on6] Menty
Left D R A T Y T I [6on6] RAMA
Left Sober Bear [Highlander] RAMA
Joined D R A T Y T I [6on6] YYYebok
Left Meme Boys [6on6] RAMA
Joined Sober Bear [Highlander] Emperor_Protect
Left Autism eSports [Highlander] RAMA
Joined Autism eSports [Highlander] firing.squad
Joined Meme Boys [6on6] TOSS
Left Caravan Palace [Fun Team] RAMA
Left 2MPM)) [6on6] RAMA
Joined 2MPM)) [6on6] Boshy [ALTFS]
Left Air [6on6] RAMA
Joined Air [6on6] Zeluboba
Left 2MPM)) [6on6] RAMA
Joined 2MPM)) [6on6] Quinso
Left 3/6 [6on6] RAMA
Left deleted [Highlander] TOSS
Joined 3/6 [6on6] Crayon
Left RAHAT - LUKUM [6on6] RAMA
Joined RAHAT - LUKUM [6on6] RAMA
Left Fantastic Six [6on6] RAMA
Joined Fantastic Six [6on6] m1xwell
Left 2MPM)) [6on6] RAMA
Joined deleted [Highlander] TOSS
Left Autism eSports [Highlander] RAMA
Joined Caravan Palace [Fun Team] YYYebok
Joined тупой вуди [2on2] RAMA
Joined Autism eSports [Highlander] Meaff
Left Mellivora capensis [Highlander] RAMA
Joined 2MPM)) [6on6] sl4y
Left 2MPM)) [6on6] RAMA
Joined Mellivora capensis [Highlander] Dvornik
Joined 2MPM)) [6on6] Fair
Left Hell Awaits [6on6] RAMA
Joined Hell Awaits [6on6] moonless
Left 387 [6on6] RAMA
Joined 387 [6on6] Cholera
Left N/A [6on6] RAMA
Joined N/A [6on6] RAMA

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  1. DONN1Y said:


  2. Magistr: N.T said:

    мультикласс скилловик

  3. narkkari: kaban - VR said:

    мультикласс скилловик

  4. movyton: kaban said:

    лучший стример на руси

  5. slowtown: ..d1ck said:

    мультикласс скилловик

  6. Dark_time: V.I - RG? said:

    мультикласс скилловик

  7. zgd: midboys said:

    мультикласс скилловик

  8. Baclan: zbs said:

    мультикласс скилловик

  9. RAMA: TRoaN! said:

    You still can pick me up

  10. zgd: midboys said:

    Величайший геополитик бедлендса эвер

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