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NA-East/UGC Silver Heavy looking to sub/"roster ride" on a dedicated team in just about any division, but I listed High/Mid because I believe it most accurately represents my skill level. I am not toxic, have leadership skills and I'm constantly improving. I lead a UGC Silver team and that team will take priority over any events your team has, but schedules will not often conflict either way. If you guys have a Discord, I'll participate in shitposting and try to make good relations with my teammates.

I can play any hitscan class, but if I'm required for any class not listed I can do it albeit severely handicapped by ping. Heavy is my best class and Medic is a close second but I'm fine with any hitscan class in EU. I can maincall on Heavy. I have a deep, loud and very noticeable voice and I know how to keep my mouth shut if the situation calls.

Some of my flaws include my desire to be the player that is played around. For example, I might call my aggression as Engineer, or call mini placements and who I intend to support with my mini; e,g "Mini going on Dogbread to support our Heavy." It plays to my advantage as Spy, as I call who I'm intending to pick at any given time, such as "I'm going to try for their Sniper in 3." I often times find myself getting pushy as Scout and making requests such as "someone destroy their Mini so that I can walk in", which may clutter calls. If it becomes an issue, I'll try to work on it.

I will be unavailable for most times on weekdays. I have school, and EU scrims are generally at 20:00-21:00 CEST. This translates to 2:00-3:00 PM in EST of which I will be unavailable. I will be available during the summer.

90-110 ping to France.
130+ ping to Germany and neighboring regions.

Hopefully I can find a team I am happy with. I'll be a loyal pickup to any team that finds me, thank you.

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