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Denmark Phong_

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I'm really keen on improving.
I can play about 7 days a week.
I can do flank or pocket scoot.
Feel free to add me, if you have more questions.

💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩

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Joined Vague [6on6] Pb
Left Alex Alligator Fanclub [6on6] Blanc
Left The Alligators [Highlander] Phong_
Joined Alex Alligator Fanclub [6on6] Blanc
Joined De Danske [Fun Team] Blanc
Left verbfusion [6on6] Phong_
Joined The Alligators [Highlander] Cyanic
Joined verbfusion [6on6] Lokko
Left Sora Elektro [6on6] Phong_
Joined Sora Elektro [6on6] Lena
Left vodka every death [LAN Team] Phong_
Left The Small Council [6on6] Phong_
Left Kakashi is our religion [Highlander] Phong_
Joined The Small Council [6on6] RTC
Left Sora Elektro [6on6] Phong_
Joined Kakashi is our religion [Highlander] akachu
Left sticky fingers [Highlander] Phong_
Joined vodka every death [LAN Team] akachu
Joined Sora Elektro [6on6] nasko7
Joined sticky fingers [Highlander] originalas
Left Laurlacis Gaming [6on6] Bycoon
Joined Laurlacis Gaming [6on6] Bycoon

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  1. Aelkyr: PORG - COGU said:

    Really good and mega keen. Way too good for open.

  2. Lokko: Da Bauss - MUUMIT said:

    Amazingly talented player with endless potential, would be a great addition to any team.

  3. Divine: NEETs - MUUMIT said:

    A very capable mid scout and a great pickup for any team looking to do well in mid

  4. Nevo: ORA ⚡️ - c u nt said:

    Very capable Scout, promising potential backed up by a real will to improve. Must pick-up for any team looking to compete seriously.

  5. nasko7: B9 said:

    Much skillful and competent, one of the best scouts you could possibly get in the division.
    held og lykke!

  6. deere said:

    Interested in a sub space?

  7. akachu: Sierra - WP said:

    Phong_: Please kind sir, write on my rec post thanks kind sir!

    its embarrasing hes even looking for open,

    this dude is keen as shit

  8. Cyanic: POUND - MUUMIT said:

    definitely good for mid, excellent dm and is also a decent sniper

    danmark vinder

  9. Skip: SANS - PAPYRUS said:

    so fucking good

  10. Mind: #FreePat said:

    Good aim and movement, keen and skillful, just needs a bit of experience to be a complete playa. Definitely not open.

  11. Blanc: NEETs - PS said:

    +rep Phong is an incredible scout and sniper :D and he’s really caring and nice :3