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After playing in Deseras for 2 years, I've sadly had to disband the team for a whole list of reasons. After maincalling on Demo for a while I'm now looking to return to the Scout class, and play in a team with a good maincaller to get a better idea of how to maincall myself in the future.

I'm a friendly and serious player, looking for a main spot on a friendly and serious team. I'm a teamwork-oriented player who will work hard to improve. I'm also a very reliable player, during 2 years I've missed maybe 2 games total. I can play every day except saturday, starting 20 cest.

I'd prefer a team that plays both UGC and ETF2L. Being on two teams would be clumsy, but I'd like to play both leagues.

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Action Team By Date
Left the shneaky tacomen [6on6] Amadeus
Joined the shneaky tacomen [6on6] Hoxtilicious
Left Divided Sixes Roster [6on6] Amadeus
Joined Divided Sixes Roster [6on6] callFEELD
Left the shneaky tacomen [6on6] Amadeus
Joined the shneaky tacomen [6on6] Hoxtilicious
Joined Deseras [Highlander] Taka

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  1. Amadeus: DSR said:

    Pay no mind to those previous recruit posts, I sometimes forgot a box when setting up LFP posts. Derp.

  2. regen: BAP said:

    One of the most dedicated people to ever play this game, you’re a fool if you pass this guy up.

    And Deseras will forever live on in my heart. RIP

  3. Jake: DSR said:

    Smart and kinda, good gamer. Pick him up.

  4. Tamir: GOD - H.M.F. said:

    dedicated and has potential, would recommend

  5. Banna: gaeta said:

    Really cool guy and good scout definitely worth picking up

  6. Pistol.Peter98[FR]: praise - gaeta said:

    He managed to keep deseras alive the best he could and is a really commited player with team leading experience, good pickup for mid

  7. hondjo: praise - gaeta said:

    good gamer keeping up with the same team for 2 years, pick him up

  8. Amadeus: DSR said:


  9. Magicbeans: HERO_ - gaeta said:

    Fear him +1

  10. mental: [CR] said:

    Dutch dynamite, reliable boi

  11. smrk: LLL said: