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Hey, i'm LFT again (both UGC and ETF2L). I prefer to be a healing professional since I got bored on Heavy, but still I can main both.

I'm available almost every day (read every day but let me know about upcoming games earlier) and I'm really focused on growing up my skills so I'd highly appreciate reviewing some demos with me.
I'd like to play with some people having chance to win in Silver or Mid in the next ETF2L Highlander season (i'm too bad for playing anything above atm), so please – have a real maincaller. I'm not good on it.

If you're interested in trialing me – send me a message on Steam and we'll see what we can do together.

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  1. maly: said:

    supra: małyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    supra: rzuciłbyś mi komentarz na rekpoście?

  2. Joseph__: POUND - ᏦᎪᏁᏦᎬᏒbᎾᎽs said:

    i like him

  3. Firein said:

    he knows that spy is the best class in the game.

  4. Barthiz said:

    pretty good.

  5. MoreBuckets!: POUNDBLACK - ✡KOSHER!✡ said:

    MhMhMhMhM SUPRA… MhMhMhMhM Supra…….. MhMhMhMhM Supra!

    MhMhMhMhM Supraaaa…..

    Very dedicated u wont regret it

    Pick him up :)

  6. supra: pngwn said:


  7. Banna: SS D5 said:

    Cool guy good heavy recommend for any solid mid team

  8. supra: pngwn said:


  9. Sikky: ; said:

    won semi-finals in mid

  10. supra: pngwn said:


  11. supra: pngwn said:


  12. Houston: MLYN - SENS said:

    hes ok