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Finland TK_

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Looking to play in Mid for next season in Highlander but Top Open also goes.
Got some good mid scriming experience as a soldier and a scout.
– Hit me up for trials

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  1. Amadeus: LLL said:

    Played with us very briefly, but he’s a good player with good basics. Will adjust to mid in no time.

  2. Hoxtilicious: C4Cunt said:

    good gamer, give him a go. especially good on flank classes

  3. emskii: MKSTAL said:

    A very good guy and a goos solly and demo

  4. emskii: MKSTAL said:

    Good solly* fuck me

  5. Gempooh: BrysBs - [LaG] said:

    Am scout, can flex between roam and pocket scoot. Experience in like a whole bunch of different tournaments but only officially played UGC Steel two years ago gimme your money

  6. TK_: B9 - VLHL said:

    Since DSR died, im also up for ugc.

  7. Fluff: PS said:

    Really give this guy a go I can’t think of anyone who might be better at this div than this fellow

  8. Pimskii said:

    Really good dm, a cool guy and wont take bs for an awnser. Hit him up for mid definitely, doesnt deserve open

  9. stalky said:


  10. Val: IHOT - VLHL said:

    Reliable pocket , good demo , give him a go

  11. LSD: B9 - baumesiter said:

    defenitely pick up worth
    really good soldier and scout