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Looking for some div 2 gaming for S31. I will be super available (back to uni in September) and have fat internet.
I've won fresh meat, reached open and low playoffs and have 2 seasons of experience in mid (pocket and medic).
I prefer pocket soldier but can play med too.

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Joined The Ruins of a Nation! [6on6] CoppyZ
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  1. z0diack: cLaRtEd - Muscles said:

    Big gamer will help you run tf2 servers if you get him

  2. Baz: POUND said:

    fucking FAT as FUCK (like rly obese)

  3. hellishh: Brexit said:

    big pocket deserve a fat team :D

  4. Hannes said:


  5. Breez: ;) - KKK said:

    Tom is tank :)

  6. oJ: cLaRtEd - Muscles said:

    basically a tree in real life

  7. meh: BWB said:

    upcoming talent, pick him up

  8. Doughy: theorist said:

    Good player, good teammate.

  9. HOI: POUND - Muscles said:

    can still trial!

  10. mak: theorist - -Xe- said:

    would be a shame to see him go teamless tbh, good fella, good shoots, good attitude.

  11. Baz: POUND said:

    good aim and insane brain ! ! !

  12. Georgebaii said:

    big bombs