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I highly consider going to i63 and I think it would be cool to play with a chill/fun team of some sort. I'm most likely not spending much time with this game over the Summer (at least not willing to stick to a scrimming schedule)

It takes me like a day or 2 to get my aim back in good shape and I could probably scrim like 1-2 weeks prior to lan, but my goal would be to just have fun and meet people @ lan and as I'm not sure how my future regarding playing this game goes like I'd really like to give a performance of some sort at lan, as it could be my last.

I know this is yet another boner-killer of a rec post but if anyone would like to form a chill team that mainly just go to the lan with not super serious goals I'd be interested.

– Yours Truly

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Joined Se7en [6on6] alle
Left Unexpected [6on6] Puoskari
Joined Unexpected [6on6] adysky
Left Thanks Nursey [6on6] Puoskari
Joined Thanks Nursey [6on6] amppis
Left Bring On Trump [6on6] Puoskari
Joined Bring On Trump [6on6] Phnx
Left ==---== [6on6] Puoskari
Joined ==---== [6on6] op
Left Invictus [6on6] Samski
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Left Kansanelakelaitos [6on6] Puoskari
Left Dads Who Love to Smoke the Herb [Highlander] Puoskari
Joined Dads Who Love to Smoke the Herb [Highlander] Tama
Left Bauer eSauna [Highlander] Puoskari
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Left LoL HL [Highlander] Puoskari
Joined LoL HL [Highlander] Luikuri
Joined Kansanelakelaitos [6on6] jorski
Left Death from Above [6on6] Puoskari
Joined Death from Above [6on6] Tama
Left Kansanelakelaitos [6on6] Puoskari
Joined Kansanelakelaitos [6on6] jorski
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Joined Bananas are not afraid [6on6] jorski

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  1. ixy: veL said:

    He’s a legend, top guy.

  2. shinso: wantsPizza said:

    Going with a bang is best way to go 8)
    Everyone wants to see it happen, pick him up

  3. alba: TBC said:

    Puo <3

  4. Lord Sunday: GP - wantsPizza said:

    Puo at LAN, come on bois. when it comes to scout, pick up puo as part of ur duo. also autistically good at sniper

  5. kodeeey said:

    I hope your cheats are LAN proof ;)

  6. DUCKSLAYER: said:

    Top gamer

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